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Blush N Curls, Ladies Salon and Spa, the brainchild of Lavanya Vikram, was launched in 2016 in Al Qusais and have opened their latest branch in Al Mankhool. Lavanya always believed in the concept of GOING CHEMICAL FREE, making her treatments accessible to everyone without any worries or concerns; be it Pregnant Ladies, Breastfeeding Mums or even Kids. Every single product – whether it is a hair color, nail color, hair straightening, facials, wax or any Body treatment is personally selected by her and tested before using it. All products are either Organic or Vegan or Natural certified, most importantly 100% chemical free. She also caters to a lot of Post Cancer survivors as the products are safe and free from all harsh chemicals. Yogalife meets Lavanya to know more.

There is a growing awareness on using natural, organic products for beauty treatments. Please tell us how your salon contributes to this.

There is a huge demand and increase in the use of Organic or Natural products but most importantly, clients want chemical free products suitable for all kinds of skin types or hair types etc. There are some extremely dangerous chemicals used in the Hair, Nail or Skin products like Formaldehyde, PPD, PTD, Parabens, Toulene, Camphor etc.  which not only create damage to the body but are also a noticeably big Health hazard causing diseases like Cancer, especially with the Hair Straightening, Hair Coloring or Nail products. So, we are contributing to the community by educating them to stay away from chemicals and using cheap products for quick results.  

Please highlight the salient treatments at Blush N Curls.

Each treatment we offer is unique in the way we do it, but I would like to highlight few of them.

One of our unique facial treatments is the Cromoaroma facial – based on color therapy and aromatherapy and is 100% free from chemicals and made from natural ingredients of flower, fruit, and plant extracts. We take care of all skin concerns like Dry skin, Acne skin, Pigmentation skin, Oily skin, Sensitive skin. The best part is that we do not use any machines, but you can see the difference in one session. The treatment not only treats your superficial skin concerns but promotes a better well-being within you.

Our Dip and Buff Nail extensions are free from harsh chemicals and stay up to 4 weeks and do not damage the nails. The removal is easy as gel polish and does not yellow or stain the nails when you eat the food. Also, we have some unique Manicure Pedicure services where we make the customer feel special and treat their Feet and Hands for concerns like Cracked Heels or Callus, Fungus Toenail etc.

Our Hair Straightening treatment that is a Protein/Botox treatment, is 100% free from Formaldehyde, contains Natural ingredients making it safe for pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mums and even kids. There is no odour, eye burning, smoke or any other kind of problem known to occur with this kind of treatment. Our scalp treatments take care of Hair fall, dandruff, sensitive scalp, and we have seen women aged above 50 – 55 seeing results and regrowth!

Last but not the least are our Hair Colors that are vegan certified free from PPD, PTD, Resorcinol and other chemicals and infused with natural essential oils, linoleic acid, Jojoba oils and do not damage the hair. We also have color which is 100% ammonia free for sensitive scalps.

Our Body services especially the massages are very unique. Here, unlike the normal massage oils that we do, we offer blend of Ayurveda & Aroma oils and an interesting treatment is with our Fruit Massage Gels – we have 6 fruits and the client chooses her favorite fruit and gets the massage done with that. We also have an incredibly unique Massage which is the Terrakua Massage that is a combination of Hot & Cold tools. Our Body butters are a mix of Shea and Shorea Butter( Sacred Butter as its extracted from Dub –Buddha used to meditate under this tree), in four unique fragrances. The client chooses her favorite fragrance depending on her mood and gets a complete head to toe massage including a face massage.






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