Frizz free hair with a towel? Yes!

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You have found the perfect shampoo and conditioner, and the perfect hair care routine with overnight hair masks and serums but do you know about the most important thing for hair care and hair maintenance? 

Are you aware of the fact that drying hair the right way goes a long way in maintaining soft, manageable frizz-free hair? How you dry your hair is a major factor that affects the health of your hair. Most of us reach out for that terry towel and wrap the hair up for a while before blow drying it and styling it with heat styling tools. Or are you one of those who presses and pats the water out of your strands and leaves it to air dry naturally? Either way, you are exposing your hair to external factors making it prone to frizz and dryness.

The real problem lies with your towel of choice. Water, especially warm water, causes the hair cuticle to swell and open up, leaving your strands prone to frizz and damage. The quicker you remove excess water from your hair the better.

Microfiber towels, are the best way to absorb water faster, they are gentle on hair, and ensure a frizz free air dry. A microfiber towel takes the moisture out of your mane much faster than a regular terrycloth towel. Additionally, they do not damage the hair the way the course, dry texture of cotton or terry cloth towels can damage your delicate, wet hair and worsen split ends.

But there’s more to it than just changing your towel–the drying technique is also important. The best way is to gently press the water out of your hair with a super absorbing microfiber fabric towel, like The Frizz off turban towel from The Hair Addict and then wrapping it around for gentle drying. Wrap your hair up in the microfiber towel for 10 – 15 minutes to get the rest of the water out of your mane. This process causes the least amount of friction and allows the hair to dry quickly without damaging the shaft or the cuticle.

This microfiber turban towel ensures quick absorption of water and leaves hair feeling soft and frizz-free due to its optimal percentage of polyamide, which promotes moisture retention, prevents brittle hair and breakage. The hair dries out faster without using any heating tools! For those who need a definition to those bouncy curls, this is the perfect towel for covering up curly hair after scrunching with a styling serum. The towel is designed like a turban with a cute button up facility to leave it snug and secure. Can be easily stored and taken while travelling.

After a hair wash:

– Apply your styling product while it’s wet.

– Pat dry your hair gently using the microfiber turban towel till it’s not dripping water.

– Put the turban on your head, and ensure that the hair is all neatly inside the turban.

– Start twisting the tail of the turban and bring the twist to the back of your head.

– Secure the twist by buttoning it up.

And you are done! Get glorious, bouncy frizz free hair in a few minutes! Get yours today at

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