Get Holiday Ready – the Zoflora way!

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The holidays are fast approaching, and it is that merry time of the year when we come together with friends, family and loved ones to feel happy and loved, planning the perfect gifts, organizing festive menus, and making everything jolly and bright. This year, the pandemic brings an unwelcome wave of additional worries about safety, sanitizing, disinfecting and more.

Zoflora, the UK’s favorite disinfectant, has recently launched in the UAE and they put all our fears to rest with these helpful tips on how to ensure you and your family can get your home ready for the festive period, not only looking and smelling amazing, but safely disinfected too.

  • There’s nothing better than arriving home to a beautiful scent, so make sure you spray your welcome mat with Zoflora, so as soon as you, guests or even deliveries turn up, they are instantly greeted with a divine scent.
  • For that perfect festive scent, which is easily made at home, take cloves and insert into whole oranges and leave in a bowl, it’ll fill your home with a real smell of Christmas.

Disinfect the home  Christmas can be a messy time. Dirty hands on the surfaces and germs living on clothes being transferred to seating areas – it’s important to make sure all surfaces are virus free. Take a suitable disinfectant, such as Zoflora, which kills 99.9% of all germs including viruses and dilute with water in a trigger spray bottle. Then go round spraying your door handles, coffee tables, TV remotes and shelves so they are instantly disinfected.

On the floor

  • Floors can be filthy especially with people walking in and out of the home without removing their shoes, pets walking around, and bits of food being dropped. Dilute 1 capfuls of Zoflora for every 400 ml of water into a bucket and wipe over with a mop. The floors will be clean in no time!

Toys and presents

  • There’s nothing better than seeing your loved one’s face light up when you gift them that perfect present, but it’s important that it arrives to them as safely as possible, which is why before the gifts are wrapped, they are sprayed with a disinfectant. Don’t forget to continuously clean toys with disinfectant too – there’s a big difference between cleaning and disinfecting – wiping the toys will just remove the dirt, disinfectant will remove the germs and viruses.

Cooking up a treat

  • Before any cooking begins, make sure all surfaces are disinfected, not only does this include the counter tops, but also all the cupboard doors, taps and appliance handles.
  • Go through your fridge and throw away any old food as this will leave unpleasant smells and wipe all the shelves, so they’re clean and smelling great.

  • Do clean the kitchen sink – yes, it does have germs! Add a capful of zoflora after running some warm water. Wipe the full area and drain.
  • A top tip to leave the kitchen smelling amazing for the morning is, dilute two capfuls of Zoflora in water in the sink and to leave your dishcloths to soak. Do this in the evening and in the morning your whole kitchen will smell incredible!

Zoflora is available in a range of stunning fragrances from crisp and refreshing Linen Fresh, to the relaxing Bluebell Woods and the latest addition, Rose Noir, which was inspired by the Middle East.

Zoflora is available to purchase online and instore including major ecommerce platforms- Amazon, Noon, Mumzworld, Firstcry and in retail stores: Waitrose, Spinneys,  Lulu, Choitrams, Aswaaq, Geant, Union Co-Op.

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