Get rid of stretch marks the natural way

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Lavanya Vikram, Founder of Blush N Curls Ladies Salon and Spa tells us all about natural homemade remedies for stretch marks.

We all want that smooth flawless skin, but we have to acknowledge that stretch marks are a part of almost everyone’s lives!

Stretch marks are marks on the skin when it shrinks or stretches. These changes to the skin cause the supporting collagen and elastin to rupture.

The main reasons or causes of stretch marks are:

1) Fluctuating Hormones

2) Puberty and Pregnancy

3) Rapid weight loss or weight gain

4) Weight training when you have rapid muscle growth

5) Application of corticosteroids for long time can cause stretch marks as well

Now let’s look at some natural home remedies that will eventually work wonders while tackling stretch marks. For any remedy to work it has to be followed consistently, to see the results. If you are pregnant, please avoid these remedies and try them post pregnancy.

1) Shea Butter – Use 100% natural Shea butter instead of the fragranced ones; mix a few drops of Pure Rose or Lavender Essential oils to it and apply.  The essential oil is just for the scent and a feel-good sensation. This cream has self-healing and deeply moisturizing properties.

2) Vitamin A – known as Retinoids, they make the skin smooth and youthful. Intake of Vitamin A also helps from the inside, so opt for food rich in Vitamin A like Carrots and Sweet Potatoes etc.

3) Sugar for Exfoliation – Sugar acts as natural microdermabrasion agent, helping exfoliate the first layer of the skin. Make a scrub by mixing Coconut or Almond oil with sugar and add some lemon juice to it. You can repeat this a couple of times in a week focusing on the areas with stretch marks.

4) Aloe Vera rich in Alon is very good for soothing the skin and brightening it, eventually leading to reduction of the marks.

5) Hyaluronic Acid – Collagen is the protein for skin that keeps it in shape and looking healthy. With age, collagen decreases in our face and bodies, so in order to boost the same you need to use active Hyaluronic acid rich body cream or lotion which would enhance the skin making it look brighter and firmer.

5) Potato Juice – Grate raw potatoes and extract the juice from it. Take a cotton pad and soak it with this juice and apply to the affected area. Leave it on for 10 mins and rinse it off. Potatoes are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin B and also have some amazing antioxidant properties to heal the skin faster, giving an immediate brightening effect.

There are many other wonderful remedies available. To know more follow my vlogs on our YouTube Channel – Blush n Curls ladies Salon & Spa

Lavanya Vikram

Skin Expert, Youtuber, Founder – Blush N Curls Ladies Salon & Spa

Lavanya, comes from a background of the study of Skin Anatomy and is a Core Science lover who firmly believes in Chemical Free products and follows Natural science and remedies at BNC. She is a vlogger and has amazing videos on Youtube dedicated to Skin, Hair, Beauty and more.

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