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If you’re following a vegan diet, you are aware that it involves time-consuming prep and cooking, as well as limits your dining out options. Even if you’re new to veganism or just interested in trying it out, a vegan meal delivery service is a great way to try a variety of fully plant-based meals. The team at Freakin’ Healthy thought of this and they have launched Root’D, their Vegan Meal Delivery Plan. We try it out and tell you all about it in our next feature.

Plant-based food and super-flavoursome haven’t always been used in the same sentence, but that was before Root’D. Root’D is a genuinely delicious meal plan service, created to suit individual lifestyles. An expansion of the Freakin’ Healthy brand, the plans are packed with clean nutrients, are wholesome, Plant-based and Clean, and Root’D keeps the healthy eater consciously satisfied, without compromising on deliciousness and great taste.

There are three different plans available and over 45 meal options, specifically curated to help customers achieve overall health, improve digestion and positively impact their lives both physically and mentally.

Root’D Plans:

1.     Weight Management:

The weight management plan is designed and certified by the Root’D nutritionist to help customers reach their optimal goals, and live and feel the transformation through clean eating. 

An AED150 Zoom consultation with Root’D’s nutritionist is available, with a free follow up after two weeks to discuss goals, set targets and personalize journeys. Another option is to complete the Root’D survey designed by the nutritionist, to help find the right meal plan.

2.     Balanced Lifestyle Plans:

The go-to, for a clean plant based healthy eating lifestyle. This plan is designed for those who want to fuel their body with a clean and balanced plant-based nutrition that will positively impact them physically and mentally. These meals are designed and balanced by the nutritionist to fit seamlessly into one’s lifestyle without ditching taste and your giving up some of your favourite comfort foods.

3.     Detox -Refuel:

The Detox-Refuel plan is designed to give the body a reset and for a customer to feel their best selves. It’s the perfect way to acquaint with a plant-based diet, and feel the transformation of improved digestion, reduced bloating, increase in energy levels, improvement in skin clarity and overall wellbeing.

Meal plans are available as a two week or monthly plan only

Daily price: AED 120

Monthly price: AED 2400 (20 deliveries or 5 days a week for 4 week)

For further details please visit: https://freakinhealthy.com/rootd/

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