Ground, Connect & Flow – The Masculine Journey To Self Improvement

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UAE’s Wellness Community Pioneer Hosts First Masculine Retreat . Expand and Evolve, The UAE’s first-of-its-kind wellness community has announced details of its upcoming Conscious Masculinity Retreat.

The discussion of conscious masculinity has gained popularity recently. What is Consciousness? A conscious man cannot conform to the ideal or ideology expressed in a book, blog list, or philosophy. The awakened man is, at his core, an individual who is aware of who he is. He is vibrant and empowered.

HE Expands and Evolves – A Conscious Masculinity Retreat will provide a safe and sacred space for growth-minded and open-hearted men to come together and embark on a journey towards self-improvement and acceptance. 

The gathering will guide participants to expand their capacity for connection, compassion and creativity through a series of transformative and empowering sessions over the five-day event, overseen by an expert collective of facilitators, and health, life and body coaches. 

Held at a secluded beach location, the team behind HE Expands, and Evolves have created a truly unique getaway for those wanting to tap into new energy for the upcoming year, setting goals that will help them evolve into a more vibrant, expressive and loving version of themselves. 

Balancing soul-inspiring experiences, including sunrise yoga and morning meditation, group movement, breathwork and ice baths with physical challenges and stimulating workshops, the retreat has been thoughtfully designed for those that also want to slow down, reflect and be more present in their current lives. 

At the end of the five-day event, there will also be an Ecstatic Music Concert on Friday 9th December, to celebrate all the work done and reinforce the idea of connection through music, expression and dance. Performers include Janax Pacha “Land of Heaven” who is a multi-instrumentalist music producer focused on the fusion of Electronic with Ethnic & Tribal instruments. Charl Chaka, a UAE-based Creative Facilitator in Music and Movement, will also perform at the event.

Mo Murad, Founder of Expand and Evolve, commented: “As humans, we are always on a voyage of discovery to figure out who we are, to ground, connect and flow to become the most optimized version of ourselves, whatever that looks like for each individual.

“I think it’s so important to refill your cup, especially at this time of the year, when everyone is stressed or burned out, and it’s much harder to connect and focus on the things that matter. With this retreat, we have cultivated a unique community-driven experience that will encompass both the spiritual and practical side of self-improvement. 

“It’s the first time that something like this is happening in the UAE, and I’m so excited to bring together other like-minded men to immerse themselves in this incredible transformative process”.

This retreat marks the first in a series of events and activities planned for the Expand and Evolve Community, with more workshops, conferences, nature immersions and travel adventures in the works for 2023. They will also expand their presence beyond the UAE with online courses, coaching programs and a podcast that will bring together a variety of experts in the wellness space. 

About Expand and Evolve 

Expand & Evolve’s mission is to empower individuals to EXPAND their perspectives of possibility, their understanding of spirituality, and their capacity for compassion, connection, and creativity, while simultaneously equipping them to EVOLVE their behaviours, mindsets, and consciousness in order to level up in all areas of their lives so they may truly thrive as the best versions of themselves. We aim to achieve this collective expansion and evolution through transformative, existence-enriching experiences such as workshops, retreats, conferences, nature immersions, travel adventures, and conscious music events, as well as via online courses, masterminds, podcast interviews, coaching programs, in Dubai and around the world. 

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