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Courtney Miller is an InternaUonal Pilates Educator, teacher of teachers, and Pilates Method Alliance CerUfied Pilates Instructor.

She has studied world wide in both classical and contemporary Pilates methods. Courtney began teaching in the fitness industry in 2001 and has passionately pursued cerUficaUons in Pilates, Yoga, AnUGravity Fitness, TRX, prenatal wellness, ballet barre, nutriUon and personal training. Courtney develops conUnuing educaUon courses for the Pilates professional incorporaUng unique and contemporary Pilates and fitness fusion workshops. Courtney is a

Pilates AnyUme instructor, Pilates Style Cover model, published fitness writer and contributor, and fitness/exercise model.

• Pilates Mat Masterclass

Thursday October 26 from 5-6pm Dhs 90

• Reformer Masterclass – Athleec Condieoning

Thursday October 26 from 6-7:15pm Dhs 165 (Full: waitlist only)

• Refomer Workshop: Whole Body Integraeon

Friday October 27 & Saturday October 28 9am-5pm each day

An advanced 2 day workshop for Pilates professionals focusing on dynamic Flow, creaUve combinaUons, intelligent group programing, and full body integraUon on the Reformer. Learn to minimize the use of flexion based exercises to target the core while maximizing funcUonal movement pakerns to restore whole body strength, agility, flexibility and coordinaUon. In addiUon to new variaUons, this workshop also covers strategies on how to adapt programming to accommodate a variety of levels in a group selng.

 October 29, 2017 

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