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Halal beauty has swept into the cosmetics business and is rising to the top of the spotlight. The popularity of halal makeup has increased manifold in the last few years, according to search trends! To begin addressing this, you must first question what Halal skincare is. Dimitri Anid, Managing Partner, NUME-Lab Switzerland decodes Halal Skincare for you.

What is Halal Skincare?

The concept of Halal signifies a sustainable, clean, and ethical approach to skincare.  That means unclean ingredients like certain alcohols or unethically sourced animal-derived compounds are banned.

A Halal skincare brand has to follow Halal practices in all production stages to get this certification – from the raw ingredients to the manufacturing process, packaging, and distribution. No ingredients can be in contact with alcohol or animal fat, and the cleanness of the entire process of production is under high scrutiny.

Knowing that our skin is our biggest organ and has immense absorption powers, every ingredient that’s impure for eating, is also impure for the skin. That’s the basic ideology behind Halal skincare.

How do Halal and Vegan cosmetics differ?

Although vegan products don’t contain any animal-derived raw materials, they aren’t necessarily Halal. For instance, they might have ethanol alcohol – making them impure and unable to qualify for this certification. Yet Halal skincare brands can use traditional natural powerful ingredients like honey or snail mucin.

What are the advantages of using Halal Skincare products?

Halal skincare products are simply superior in regards to purity, cleanliness, sustainability, and efficiency. So, the benefits of Halal cosmetics definitely go beyond religion.

And, we’re sure Halal skincare is here to stay – especially now when we need it the most! We urge everyone to switch to Halal skincare and help towards a greener future.

Halal and Clean beauty brands simply bring you to a higher level by preserving your skin on the long term.

Also keep in mind that “Clean Beauty” is not a certification, and that Halal is the closest official certification to being “clean”.

What are the top NUME-Lab products that are Halal?

As far as we know, Nume-Lab is the only Halal certified Swiss Made, Swiss Brand.

Our Four Products: The Deep Exfoliating Cleanser, The Advanced Renewal Face Cream, the Resurfacing Night Peel serum, and the Absolute Radiance Eye contour are ALL Halal Certified in Switzerland.

Your top tips for a NUME-Lab Halal skincare routine.

Nume-Lab has a Minimalist and Sustainable approach. We have developed 4 products that are polyvalent and effective on any type of skin, and for all genders, to revitalize, and give you a healthy and luminous Skin.

Build a foundation for an anti-aging skincare routine with our complete set of clean essentials. This set has everything you need from cleansing, treating, exfoliating your skin, and nourishing while illuminating your eye contour. From the first touch, they will help improve the health of your skin from the inside out.

By boosting your skin cells’ regeneration and providing 24/7 hydration, this regenerating anti-aging treatment set will immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten dark spots, and illuminate your skin to get that revitalized, youthful glow you’ve always wanted.  

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