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Intro: We all know that walking barefoot in the sand is very good. Have you tried doing it? You will notice that your feet hurt after a period of time. This is because those muscles are never utilized in the standard-type shoe – they’re confined on the same plane so do not give that reflexology effect. Toes don’t move in different directions at different times, they all move together. Walking in sand stimulates the muscles and that activates the reflexology points in the feet, healing different parts of the body. This is what Kenkoh footwear does! We tell you all you want to know about this amazing footwear brand from Japan.

What is the Japanese reflexology technique that Kenkoh footwear are based upon? 

The ancient practice of reflexology is based on the principles that various pressure points in our feet correspond to organs, glands and muscles in the rest of the body. By stimulating these pressure points in our everyday life , we contribute to improving the overall health and well being of our body.

How did Kenkoh happen?

Kenkoh was originally created by Kyu – Kichi Yamanashi in Japan in the 1960s. Kyu – Kichi Yamanashi faced health issues, including tuberculosis that led to having a lung removed and spent years very sick. He was advised to try ancient oriental feet treatments including ‘take-fumi’ – walking on bamboo shoots – and ‘soku-sin-do’ Japanese reflexology.  The impact on his health was remarkable – Mr Yamanashi made a dramatic recovery, and he set about applying these ancient healing principles into the designs of traditional Japanese shoes. The original shoes were sandals that were originally constructed of wood. They included tiny knobs all over the footbed of the sandal,  for the purpose of activating reflexology points. The very first Kenkoh massage shoe with the rubber nodules we use today came to life in 1965. The nodules were purposefully designed to replicate the ancient reflexology treatments Mr. Yamanashi had researched and perfected. Almost 50 years since Kyu-kichi Yamanashi crafted his original reflexology shoe, the Yamanashi family continues to design and manufacture Kenkoh massage shoes using the original techniques developed by their grandfather. Millions of people worldwide have felt the Kenkoh difference with Kenkoh massage shoes, now available in over 40 countries.

In vibrant green, the Nagomi slider offers Japanese reflexology with a wide strap and a relaxing massaging foot-bed design. The stylish shoe provides the essential support for the foot, excellent orthotic and joint support for long hours of walking, and post-workout relief.

How does acupressure relate to the organ systems in the body? 

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are various pressure points in the hands, ears and feet, known as reflexes which correspond to all of the organs and body systems. When the body is in full health, energy flows freely between the reflexes and corresponding parts of the body, but when the body is out of sync this energy becomes stagnant and blocked. Reflexology works to gently stimulate the affected area and release the blockage thus promoting the body’s ability to function at an optimal level.

How does Kenkoh help in this?

Our reflexology insole stimulates circulation, by which it relaxes, stimulates flow, reduces swelling, warms cold feet and is therapeutically for diabetics and neuropathies for promoting blood flow. It also helps boost your immune system, activates the release of endorphins that make you feel great and happier, uplifting your mood, giving you energy and making you feel more active. Kenkoh helps detox your body by increasing flow in your lymphatic system and flushing toxins away.

Does Kenkoh address issues such as back pain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica etc.?

Kenkoh does help with issues like back pain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, and diabetes.

For sciatica, the massaging sandals simply allow the body to relax so it could do what it knows best, heal itself. By working specific reflex points in the foot, that correspond to the spine and hip area.

To relieve back pain, the sandals relieve the pressure from your back and knees because on top of the massaging effects, they offer a thick sole with a cushioning system that will protect your back bone. As for plantar fasciitis, Kenkoh sandals support the plantar arch to improve balance and reduce issues associated with bad posture.

Kenkoh sandals are also greatly beneficial for diabetic patients. They stimulate the nerves and reflex points in your feet hence reducing the feeling of numbness and improving blood circulation on diabetic symptoms.

Other conditions that Kenkoh footwear helps with include tired and swollen feet, muscle fatigue, flat feet, arthritis, joint pain, bunions, varicose veins, tendonitis and others.

Kenkoh Speeds Athletic Recovery with Unique Reflexology Features

After-sports recovery and healing starts with the sole. Kenkoh, provides an array of benefits. As the month kicks off with a regimen of exercise and training, activities like running, walking, jumping, and lunging leave the feet sore, swollen and tired. Kenkoh offers the ultimate solution for athletic recovery, making it essential for healthy feet during this year’s fitness challenge.

As little as 30 minutes of exercise a day, as well as other daily activities, all add increased pressure on the body resulting in overall fatigue. Kenkoh shoes provide a variety of health benefits, including improved balance, posture, blood circulation as well as relief for tired feet. The footwear also offers the right support to muscles and joints. Wearing Kenkoh helps ease podiatric stress, and alleviate tension in the feet, allowing more agility and comfort when walking.

Kenkoh’s massaging footbed is engineered, in Japan, to be soft enough to move and flex against the bottoms of our feet while walking, much like the fingers of a skilled masseuse. The improved blood circulation helps eliminate excess lactic acid and increases oxygen flow. This allows the body to recover and heal faster – an essential part of overall health and fitness.

Apart from the range of physical health benefits, including relief for knee pain experienced by most athletes and runners, Kenkoh also provides wearers with higher energy levels and mood improvement. The latest models offer the ultimate support for fitness enthusiasts and include stylish sliders for him and her.

Kenkoh offers unique reflexology features that are essential for improved overall health and lifestyle. For more information please visit www.kenkoh.jp or check out socials @kenkohme.

Kenkoh footwear is available in UAE at select stores.

Visit www.kenkoh.jp to know more.

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