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Honest Badger, a local F&B wellness brand offering balanced meal plans and meals to go in premium supermarkets, provides you with fresh healthy food, making it easy for you to eat well and feel good. Founder Yasmin Hadi tells us more…

How did Honest Badger happen?

We wanted to create a company that helps people eat a healthy, sustainable, and varied diet based on whole foods. Honest Badger came from my own pain point of struggling to find healthy, delicious meals packed full of nutrients.

I was working as geologist in oil and gas. Working offshore on oil rigs and lived in Copenhagen, London and Doha. Moving and working so much, I struggled to keep up healthy habits and started to see how much time, effort and prep goes into eating a healthy and varied diet, I remember my friends and I spending hours on Sundays trying to shop and meal prep for the week, and we still ended up having the same lunch and dinner for days at a time.  As an individual shopping and cooking nutritious, and varied meals is a real challenge. Honest Badger provides a delicious solution to these issues.

Why the name?

We wanted a name to reflect our creative, and healthy brand. Honest represents the type of food we serve: fresh, whole, food. Badger is a fun, independent, and whimsical animal. The two combined reflect our fun and unique style of food and our company ethos.

What is the USP of HB?      

The driving philosophy behind Honest Badger is food that works with your body, and makes you feel great. Our meals are plant focussed, while championing leaner meats as well as plant-based proteins. We believe that everyday food should be healthy and delicious. The concepts of “healthy food” and “delicious food” do not have to be mutually exclusive. I believe healthy food can be fun, exciting and something you really crave. We love to take comfort classics and add a healthy twist, for example our sweet potato, lentil and mushroom Shepherd’s Pie.

Why would I choose HB against any other brand?

Honest Badger focuses on customers overall wellness, each day sending a motivational quote, ginger shot and fresh juice. We carve a niche for ourselves in the quality and style of our food. Each day, customers receive 7 portions of fruit and vegetables, and over 40 different varieties of fruit, vegetables, pulses and legumes over the course of a week. All our meal plans are free from dairy, wheat and refined sugar.

Our protein meal plans are plant focussed whilst using free range, organic eggs and hormone and antibiotic free chicken, and when possible, locally sourced fruit and vegetables. Our attention to detail across all our meals and ingredient sourcing is something our customers value.

Finally, we provide flexibility when ordering, you can order before 9am for next day delivery, plans are available from 1 day up to 20 days.

What is the importance of a meal plan?

Meal plans are a great way to help you reach your wellness goals. Our company allows you to save time by handling the planning, shopping and cooking and delivering delicious healthy meals to your doorstep. By opting for a meal plan you are also reducing food waste, as we make everything fresh to order.

Taking accountability and planning for the week meals ahead of time helps you to avoid going for unhealthy options.   

Why do they fail in some cases?

I think people can struggle with being consistent. If you are eating the same food every day, it can feel boring and repetitive. I believe as soon as you stop enjoying your meals and what you are eating, you will more likely to go for something un-healthy.

How does one manage meals once off the plan?

Once off a meal plan, its about trying to make those healthy choices for yourself. We have 1 and 2 meal options available to help people continue on their wellness journey.

Your meal planning tips for a beginner…

Start with fresh ingredients and making meals you enjoy eating. Try to plan ahead, so you aren’t caught starving, with no food that’s when cravings start to kick in. Alternatively, you can sign up to Honest Badger and we will handle everything for you.

What are you waiting for?

Visit Honest Badger and sign on for your meal plan today! Make Healthy eating fun!

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