How choosing the right bedding can prove to be beneficial for your health

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We watch what we eat, make time for exercise, take care of our mental wellbeing, and try to make time for our emotional and spiritual health – but most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our bedding. And yet, we spend one-third of our lives in bed. Choosing the right bedding set is important because it can have an effect on on the quality of our sleep, and therefore, on our overall health and productivity.

According to,  an online bed linen brand based in Dubai, there are many options to decode when it comes to choosing the right bedding. Here’s are some quick facts:

Thread Count Basics

It’s a commonly held misconception that the higher the thread count, the better the quality of the bedsheet. However, if you buy bedsheets with a thread count over 600, the fibres tend to become too fine, making them prone to tearing and pilling easily, and to prevent that many manufacturers use heavy chemical processes.  

When you’re shopping for bedsheets or duvet covers, look for thread counts between 300-400, the same density used by most luxury hotels in their bedlinen. This offers a luxurious touch, an airy natural feel, and the sheets will last longer and feel better with every wash.

Many brands also make bed linen at thread counts as low as 200-270, and depending on the finish, these can feel as luxurious and soft as sheets with a higher thread count. Look for combed cotton or sateen weave finishes for that silky touch and all weather use, or percale if you prefer extra lightness.

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Pure Cotton Vs Microfibre

In the wide world of bedding options, there are many types of materials used. A bed sheet set made of microfibre may be cheaper, vibrantly coloured, and are said to be longer lasting, but in the long run, microfibre isn’t good for you, your family, or the environment.

Microfibre is a manmade material derived from nylon or polyester polymers. Because of the synthetic and chemical ingredients, these sheets are more likely to create static, trap heat and perspiration, and cause allergies or reactions in those with sensitive skin.

Cotton is created from natural material and offers a pleasant, breathable, safe sleep experience for babies, children, and adults. Depending on the finish, thread count and weave, pure cotton sheets can feel very luxurious. Also, natural cotton is likely to retain  that feeling of soft comfort even after multiple washes.

Aestheticians recommend sleeping on silk pillow cases for the health of your skin and hair, but if you prefer cotton (we’re with you on that!), try out RocketLinen’s Sateen Weave finish bedding sets, so that your facial skin isn’t pressed into drying, coarse fabric all night, and pillowcases have envelope closures to prevent the pillows from spilling out.

Fitted vs Flat Sheets

If you know what your sleep preferences are, it’s easier to choose the right kind of bedding for yourself. If you’re the kind of sleeper who kicks and changes position frequently, choose a fitted cotton sheet for your bed. Fitted sheets will not bunch up under you or make you feel stifled and hot, and are also a lot more convenient to use while making your bed.

Choose the Right Fillings

Apart from your bedlinen, the right mattress and pillow is very important. A mattress that sags in the middle will not keep your spine aligned, and you’ll find yourself waking up with back ache or stiff muscles. Choose memory foam to get long-lasting support and comfort while you sleep.

Your pillow should offer adequate support to your neck and shouldn’t be too high or too soft. Choose a flatter pillow so that your neck and spine stay aligned, whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach.

Rocket Linen has a wide collection of ethically sourced bedsheets, duvet covers, and bed cover sets, and caters to a diverse range of customers across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and neighbouring Gulf countries. With wisely selected bedding, you can tuck yourself in tonight and blissfully stretch out for a restful, rejuvenating night’s sleep.

By Mishana Khot, Brand Strategist at, managing consumer insights and lifestyle collaborations. Mishana is passionate about reading, writing, and the outdoors.

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