How to Decrease Back Pain at Home

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Experiencing pain in any part of your body is an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. Sadly, a national health interview survey from revealed that 39% of adults in the US have back pain, making it one of the most common ailments Americans experience. However, the good news is that back pain is treatable and manageable, even without medical interventions.

In this article, we will discuss four ways you can achieve pain-free living from the comfort of your home.

Do some exercises

One of the best ways to alleviate back pain is by exercising. This is because any physical activity gets your body moving, which helps loosen up any tense muscles and even releases endorphins that act as your brain’s natural pain relievers. In fact, yoga is especially effective in relieving pain. In a previous article on, we shared some of the best yoga poses that you can do in the morning before you start your day. These include side stretches, cat-cow, downward-facing dog, and tree pose. Since these routines improve your muscle flexibility and promote mind and body relaxation, they can assist you in solving some of your back pain issues.

Invest in ergonomic accessories

Surveys from showed that civilian workers in the US spend 43.6% of their workdays sitting. Because of this, they’re more likely to experience muscle stiffness from sitting too much. Luckily, investing in ergonomic accessories like office chairs can help prevent back pain, especially for workers who need to sit for long periods. demonstrates how the best ergonomic chairs must be adjustable according to your needs. The backrest should resemble the shape of your spine to maintain its natural curve, and the chair should suit your height range so that you can sustain proper posture that will let you reduce back pain. If your office chair is ergonomic, you get to improve your posture and your blood circulation as well.

Use pain-relief creams or patches

Today, there are a variety of pain-relief medications that can help you soothe back pain. For instance, most creams and ointments contain menthol that can have a cooling effect on your body, which can temporarily dull your back pain. Some examples are Tiger Balm’s white ointment and Topricin Fibro Cream. Pain-relieving lidocaine patches available over-the-counter, like Lidocare and Salonpas, are scientifically proven to reduce chronic back pain. Indeed, a study on non-prescriptive treatments for back pain from NCBI claims that 5% lidocaine patches are consistently effective in addressing body pains. As a result, they’re recommended as a first-line medication for the treatment of chronic lower back pain.

Apply hot or cold packs

Depending on the type of pain you’re experiencing, you can apply hot or cold packs on your back to relieve pain. For most chronic back pain, heat pads can help improve your body’s circulation and blood flow due to increased temperature. This will allow you to soothe discomfort and increase muscle flexibility in your back. But if you’re experiencing back pain from an accident or injury, cold packs are more effective. These can reduce blood flow in your back, significantly reducing body inflammation and the swelling that causes pain. In both cases, remember to apply hot and cold packs for no more than 15 to 20 minutes or less, especially if they start to become painful.

Please note that these are tips for managing simple backpain and we advise that a doctor should be consulted for chronic back pain issues.

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