How to develop a Growth Mindset?

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Mindvalley Live Dubai’s signature event series took Dubai by storm at the Dubai Festival City Arena, on Saturday and Sunday, February 25th and 26th, 2023. The event brought together more than 2,000 attendees from over 100 nationalities, with over 60% of these being from overseas. Mindvalley is the top provider of online education for personal transformation, home to 200+ authors and content that impacts 20 million learners worldwide. Mindvalley Dubai Live brought together brilliant world-class experts who created a weekend of change, a deep sense of community, and magical moments,   

Yogalife Digital met with the brand’s founder and CEO, Vishen Lakhiani. Apart from being a 3x bestselling author and top 50 ranked inspirational global speaker, Vishen has nurtured Mindvalley into a global movement of personal transformation, growth, profound relationship-building and more. Already a regular speaker at UAE events, including the 1 Billion Followers Summit (December 2022) and the World Government Summit (February 2023), Vishen spoke to us about how having a growth mindset can change your life.

Staying Mindful in an Ever-Competitive Landscape such as Dubai:

In any type of competitive landscape, Vishen believes that what we must aim for is to be the best version of ourselves, every day, and as fast as possible. This means having a ‘Growth Mindset’.

Growth Mindset leads you to:

  1. Going on an UPWARD Spiral
  2. Spiraling up in ALL 12 areas of life

12 Areas of Balance:

When you think of your life and where you want to grow, think holistically. Too many people live a life lacking in balance. They may have greater wealth but challenging relationships, or they may be fit but struggle with finances. An extraordinary life is balanced on all levels.

Vishen’s 12 areas of balance can be categorized as below. Take a few moments and reflect on each area, what it means to you, and which area needs a balance:

  1. Your Love Relationship: This is the measure of how happy you are in your current state of relationship – whether you’re single and loving it, in a relationship, or desiring one

  2. Your Friendships: This is a measure of how strong a support network you have. Do you have at least five people who you know have your back and whom you love being around?

  3. Your Adventures: How much time do you get to travel, experience the world, and do things that open you to new experiences and excitement?

  4. Your Environment: This is the quality of your home, your car, your work and in general the spaces where you spend your time – even when traveling

  5. Your Health and Fitness: How would you rate your health; given your age, and any physical conditions?

  6. Your Intellectual Life: How much and how fast are you growing and learning? How many books do you read? How many seminars or courses do you take yearly?

  7. Your Skills: How fast are you improving the skills you have that make you unique and help you build a successful career? Are you growing toward mastery or are you stagnating?

  8. Your Spiritual Life: How much time do you devote to spiritual, meditative, or contemplative practices that keep you feeling connected, balanced and peaceful?

  9. Your Career: Are you growing, climbing the ladder and excelling? Or do you feel you’re stuck in a rut? If you have a business, is it thriving or stagnating?

  10. Your Creative Life: Do you paint, write, play musical instruments, or engage in any other activity that helps you channel your creativity? Or are you more of a consumer than a creator?

  11. Your Family Life: Do you love coming home to your family after a hard day’s work? If you’re not married or a parent, define your family as your parents and siblings

  12. Your Community Life: Are you giving, volunteering, contributing and playing a definite role in your community?

Every year, we must seek to get better in each of these areas of life. Most people don’t know or don’t believe that all of it is possible, and that’s why they stagnate. People who get hyper-competitive in just one of these areas of life can become dysfunctionally competitive. They begin to be obsessed with beating the other down, and not lifting themselves up. Growth Mindset is about becoming a better version of yourself every day so that you can nurture better relationships with even your competitors and create a win-win situation. 

Micro Lessons in Personal Growth:

Personal Growth is about being the highest version of yourself every single day. And Vishen urges people to invest just 20 minutes a day to their personal growth. He first suggests that you take a look at your goals and the possible human outcomes that you wish to achieve. It could be anything from speed reading to greater confidence to greater productivity, improved health and fitness, and so on. Then choose your desired platform and teacher and dedicate 20 minutes of your day to this area.

Vishen strongly suggests scheduling this 20 minute slot on your phone calendar so that you are reminded each day.

Minvalley offers several such programmes on their platform which offers micro lessons every day that get you hooked and engaged. And every single day, this builds up a new behaviour and attitude. By the time you have completed the course, this has already created something incredible in your life.

Mindvalley offers a range of free resources to make knowledge and transformation accessible to everyone. They offer 02 channels on YouTube:

  • Mindvalley, and
  • Mindvalley Talks, which features more than 1 million talks

A good place to start this journey is by downloading the Mindvalley app and doing the ‘6 Phase Meditation’, which is offered absolutely free.

The 6 Phase Meditation

Leading athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs have used and benefitted from Vishen’s 6 Phase Meditation: and we can all harness this scientifically optimized protocol to turbo-charge our performance, transcend our goals, and make magic in under 20 minutes a day.

A free resource on the Mindvalley app, the 6 Phase Meditation program is a seven-day online journey that guides you through every step of this revolutionary protocol. You’ll experience deep emotional, intellectual, and even spiritual breakthroughs, and by the end of your journey, you’ll emerge with a brand new and transformational meditation practice you’ll use for life to show up as the best version of you. “In life, there are certain characteristics we need to constantly uplevel with,” says Vishen. And when we’re able to embrace them, our lives will flow with ease. These characteristics include:

Love and Compassion

Happiness and Gratitude

Peace and Forgiveness

Vision for Your Future

Mastering Your Day

Support & Blessing

You can also find more information in Vishen’s newest book The 6 Phase Meditation Method. Vishen concludes by saying, “Make personal growth the most important part of your day, and your life is going to start moving in the most incredible directions”.

By: Delna Mistry Anand – Well-Being & Meditation Coach 

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