How Yoga Changed my Life

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Yoga transformed Sapna Rawat’s life completely and here she shares her experience and reiterates that Yoga is not just a mere physical form of exercise, it is way beyond that. It has the power to change you inside out.


It was late 2011 when I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis; my lungs were infected badly. The doctor recommended 9 months bed rest and a lot of care. Physically I was getting weaker day by day. I hardly had any flesh on my body, those days were painful, I didn’t even have the energy to speak. When I used to talk, I used to feel the pain in my chest. It was a terrible situation and I desperately wanted to get out of it, feel better and work like other people. In my 4th month of recovery, the doctor suggested that I learn some Yogic breathing techniques and that was the beginning of my Yoga journey. I started doing alternate nostril breathing every morning and soon my breathing problem, chest pain disappeared. My health was getting better and after my complete recovery, I began to work with an MNC as an Associate project manager.

I had a desk job and after 9 months of heavy medication, I started putting on weight. I didn’t realise my weight was increasing at such a great pace until one day when I was shopping for myself and one of the attendants at a garment store suggested me a large size instead of medium, I reacted and said I know my size but honestly, I didn’t. When I noticed that small and medium sizes didn’t fit me anymore and my size was slowly shifting to my mother’s size, I was shocked. That was the moment when I decided, I need to change my physique, not for anyone but for the love of myself.

That was my second goal, I started improving my routine bit by bit. Surya Namaskar, Kapal Bhati, Anulom Vilom and Asanas soon became a part of my routine along with healthy eating habits like inclusion of Green tea and Coconut water. I was slow but steady and soon, I started noticing the big difference in my body and confidence level. People in myoffice, started approaching me, asking me for my secrets to health and happiness and appreciating me for whatever I was doing. I became one of the members of our Health & Security team for raising health awareness in the office and was enjoying every moment of it. For the love of Yoga and to get a deeper understanding, I began my professional training, and thankfully, I got some really amazing teachers who shaped me into becoming a better human being through Yoga. During my foundation training, I learned Yogic Kriyas for body cleansing (Shatkarma), These Hatha Yogic Kriyas are very powerful techniques to cleanse your body and mind. It is a great way to relieve food cravings and addictions.

In only 15 days, I became a vegetarian. I never thought I would do that, but honestly, I didn’t feel any craving for non-vegetarian food like I used to feel earlier. My best friend was shocked to hear this as I was a hard core non-vegetarian and eating out would generally mean eating chicken leg pieces earlier but now that had changed. My self confidence increased drastically and so did my thirst for Yogic knowledge. I started validating Yogic techniques. It was 2017, February when I participated in half marathon though I was not a regular runner. It was my first attempt, no one believed I would complete it. When I went for registration, one of the officers, looked at me and giggled saying you are  also running, I said yes, can’t I? He said of course you can, 5 km or 10 km? I firmly said 21 km. I took 10-12 days to prepare and used Engine run (Yogic cardio), creative visualization and Reiki healing to set my body and mind for the challenge and yes, I successfully completed my first half marathon without any major pain or injury.

My life has changed beautifully in the last 7 years. Today I am not just practicing but also teaching Yoga and I am immensely happy with it. Yoga is a boon to mankind and I feel fortunate to have come across it in such a meaningful way. My only advice to people would be, don’t believe what’s written in the books or what your teacher says, challenge and validate it and let your Yogic experience be unique and one of its kind. Don’t just practice, live YOGA, love YOGA!!

SAPNA RAWAT is a Yoga teacher and Reiki healer (3rd degree) currently based in Dubai. She teaches Yoga at 136.1 yoga studio, Divine Yoga and Ninja Academy.

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