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After an indeterminate Quarantine period and once things start returning to near normalcy, a wellness retreat is a must! It will be good to eat better, get fit, and clear the mental clutter. We bring you snapshots of Wellness Resorts over the world and their wellness programs. Original FX Mayr launches four NEW packages to intensify your cure experience.

Here, it’s still the original and purest interpretation of the Mayr Cure available today. Now the Original FX Mayr ups the intensity by carefully curating four new add-on packages to help you achieve your personal health goals this year. 


For those who want to detoxify, purify and cleanse their body more deeply. Mayr Deep Detox super charges this process by exploiting the entire treatment spectrum to optimise the detox effect, ensuring toxins and waste substances are more effectively released from the body through the gut, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin.  Mayr Deep Detox add £785 (€935)


Shed that extra weight once and for all. This programme fast-tracks the healthy weight loss effect of the FX Mayr Cure by stimulating the metabolism to break down fat deposits even more effectively.  High-quality therapies, individual training sessions and sound nutritional advice ensures nothing stands in the way of achieving your goal weight. Mayr Intensive Weight Loss add £748 (€890)


If you prefer to be more physically active during your cure, certified personal trainers respond to your individual needs through intense training sessions and personalised programmes, which are cleverly balanced with osteopathy and mineral infusions to aid recovery.  Mayr Active Sports add £584 (€695)


When you need to reduce your stress levels and recharge your batteries. The intuitive cure coaches support your mental wellbeing while the highly skilled team of experts reset you from the inside out with their harmoniously coordinated relaxation and restorative therapies.  Mayr Slow Down add £668 €795.

The seven-day Mayr basic cure costs from £2600pp (staying in Cat B single room) or from £2334pp based on double occupancy (flights not included)

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