Tea time with Yvette Arizala – Using Green Tea in your skincare routine

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With her fascination for tea, food, and travel, she carefully selects premium artisan loose leaf teas from the East. Her collection is distinct and mostly limited to fresh, recent harvest teas from small tea farms. As she says, “you had me at Oolong tea!“ Yvette Arizala shares her Tea-riffic tales with us and takes us on an aromatic journey with tea!

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As green tea lovers, we can’t help but explore how else we can incorporate tea into our daily regimen. If you’re starting your day with green tea and matcha as an energy & immunity booster, then definitely consider adding this green hero with your skincare!

As you know, green tea is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Not only is it great to consume, but it also has its benefits when topically applied to the skin for almost all skin types. In fact, a well-researched article greatly identified the benefits of green tea in skincare by Brooke Shunatona, “Green Tea is the Superhero Ingredient from Acne to Anti-Aging.” According to Dr. Christine Choi Kim, a dermatologist in Los Angeles, green tea soothes and protects the skin, reduces sebum, and minimizes signs of aging. 

That said, we’re all about having tea on our skin! So, if you have some green tea or matcha at home, here’s our favorite recipe from our local skincare specialist, Ombre by LS! Ombré by LS is a natural skincare line inspired by wellness rituals practiced around the world; using ingredients in their pure form to deliver effective, safe results.

Green Tea Rose Toner:

4 tbsps. cooled green tea

1 tbsp rose water (optional)

2 tsps. glycerin, honey, or aloe vera

Directions: Mix well and pour in a spray bottle. Use as needed to purify, hydrate, and soothe skin. Shake well before use. This can be stored for up to 5 days. Option 2: pour the mixture into an ice tray and freeze. Use as needed. 

Matcha Facial Mask:

1 tbsps yogurt, rosewater, milk, or cream

1 -1.5 tsps matcha

Pinch of turmeric powder 

Directions: Mix with either rose water, yogurt, milk or cream to create a paste and apply on cleansed, damp skin for 15 minutes. Wash with water and remove with toner (as Turmeric can leave a natural yellow residue). Matcha is anti-bacterial, helps reduce inflammation, and improves skin elasticity.

Let us know your experience with these recipes! 

Article by:

Yvette Arizala – Founder of yv et té (Coming Soon), Certified Tea Professional, Special Member of the World Green Tea Association, Yoga enthusiast & Animal welfare advocate

Instagram: @yvetteteas, @ombrebyls

Reference: Shunatona, Brooke. 2021. “Green Tea Is the Superhero Ingredient for Everything From Acne to Anti-Aging.” 26 August 2021.  


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