Jungle Wisdom

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SHADI ENBASHI, Co-Founder of Seva Experience tells us all about the Ancient Practices of Amazonian Jungle Tribes that can help improve our lifestyles.

Imagine a luxuriant rainforest, with its flourishing tall trees all around you, the cacophony of bird songs in your ears, the smell of wet mud caressing your nostrils, and the deep feeling of grounding. The feeling of connection with Mother Earth. Have you ever experienced anything like that? Living in a city, you probably haven’t, or maybe it does bring back childhood memories, or thoughts about that trip you’ve taken last year.

Now, for some people, some Amazonian jungle tribes, this is still their everyday reality. These populations, far away from our city’s hustle and bustle, live in harmony with nature, following the ancient practices of the Jungle Wisdom. Applying these ancient principles on a daily basis can help us live in consciousness, wherever we are.

Learn by doing

The tribe’s children often casually wander off in the jungle. That could seem to us, city folks, deeply concerning! But else, how would they learn the ways of the wilderness? It’s by watching, feeling, hearing and being, making mistakes and, sometimes, getting hurt that they cultivate their instinct. Even as grown-ups, we can apply this practice in our daily lives: by trying something new, getting lost, practising until you succeed, and doing it all in consciousness.

Pay attention to your gut feelings, your instinct. Keep an open mind, and trust in the journey. Being adventurous, even if it’s just in your own neighbourhood, or learning a new skill, is a wonderful food for the soul.

Let go: Laugh!

Amazonian tribes, uncorrupted by technology and the constant load of information that we are subjected to, have retained the ability to laugh without malice and connect with each other. Letting go of feeling self-conscious about what others around you might think when you express yourself can be wonderfully freeing. A smile can warm up someone’s day and sharing laughter with others has been proven to be the best medicine: not only does it relax your whole body, but it also boosts your immune system, triggers the release of endorphins, eases anxiety, and adds joy and zest to life!

Only take what you need

The forest and the river are the tribes’ sole providers for all their daily needs, whether it’s food, medicine, or construction materials. And so be it, they only catch the number of fish needed to feed their families and pick the amount of fruit they are going to consume. By taking only what they need, they blend entirely into the ecosystem and do no harm to nature. We can also easily apply this principle by taking the time to reflect in the supermarket or the mall before making a compulsive purchase by asking ourselves one simple question: do I really need this item?

Two virtues are witnessed in many aspects of the indigenous way of living, gratitude and the act of reciprocity. There is great wisdom in the cosmovision of the jungle about our interconnectedness and interdependence, about the space between us and all that is, and the power of our relations. The expression of gratitude coats life with a tasty hue that enriches our lifestyles every day.

Give the Jungle Wisdom a chance and incorporate these three basic principles into your life –  there are only benefits to be gained. You will realize that you are elevating your consciousness, and that you are more aware of your surroundings, whether it is a lush jungle or an architectural complex.

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