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Have you been looking for answers that western medicine can’t provide for you? Do you want to improve your health, there by improving your quality of life? Have you tried a number of holistic ways but not with satisfactory results? You might want to give Kinesiology a try says Yasmine.

What is kinesiology? 

Kinesiology, pronounced Kinn-easy-ology, is derived from the word kinetic(moving energy). This method  uses Muscle testing to  identify and correct stresses (energy imbalances) in the body. Kinésiology is grounded in ancient Chinese Medicine and considers all aspects of your health, including physical,  emotional and biochemical. Kinesiology practitioners do not diagnose disease.  Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find stressors in the body on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Techniques used are  based on ancient Chinese medicine principally working with meridians, which are flows of energy in the body. Each meridian correlates with an organ or a system as well as a group of muscles. The muscle testing taps into your subconscious and detects stress points, which the practitioner will then find a way to balance by means of adjusted nutrition, counselling, acupressure points, neuro-lymphatic points, reflexes, belief systems reset and unidentified emotional needs. 

Why should one do it?

Life stresses can have a big impact on human body. Being unhappy in your job; Working long hours; Being insecure; Fears; Uncertainty; Divorce; Chronic illness; Moving to a new home; Traumatic event… there are many that impact our life. When you are in a stressful situation , your body initiates a physical response. When the stress system stays activated over a long period of time, it can lead to  serious health problems including, depression, chronic fatigue, irritability, difficulty sleeping etc. Your Body is a temple, and it is a key to your health. As a kinesiologist, I am trained to help you unlock that temple so you can live the fullest life possible. Your body will lead me to  understand the causes of  your stress, your pain(physical, anxiety, emotional and biochemical…) and stiffness. A series of treatments will then focus on correcting these  imbalances and  recover your full potential. 

How does kinesiology work? 

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to tap into your subconscious, true self which allows me to answer questions about physical, mental and emotional well-being. Its a non-invasive method designed to determined the potential underlying causes of physical and emotional issue. I will find then the way to balance using a myriad of tools. 

What is a typical session like?

The session  will commence  with a client filling a form and a confidential chat on issues and concerns you want to address. During the session you will remain fully clothes, and loose or stretchable clothes are recommended  as arms and legs are moved around. The client consultation takes place on a massage table face up. I use Muscle testing to access information from body/mind systems and start the work to release imbalances. The Session may includes a variety of techniques such as: acupressure points, massages, sound therapy, color therapy, emotional stress release, 5 elements metaphors, affirmations, Tibetan medicine, Chinese meridian flow correction and more. It depends on what your body needs to heal according to your goal. 

How many sessions would one need to convert stressed energy to wellness? 

When it comes to stress  there’s no one-size-fits -all solution. It depends on why you’re stressed and how long you’ve been feeling this way. So I will individualize the treatment on what makes sense for the client. 

Most people end up incorporating kinesiology sessions into their ongoing health routine – one or two monthly sessions to keep them feeling uplifted, empowered, grounded, free from stress, relaxed in the body, healthy, connected and positive.

What are the benefits? 

Kinesiology can enhance, defuse, assist and elevate many areas of your well-being. Regular clients report that it helps enormously with: 

• Defusing stress 

• Learning difficulties 

• Fatigue, anxiety and depression 

• Goal development and accomplishments 

• Alleviating fears, past traumas, habits and phobias 

• Personal development and awareness

• Balancing physical, emotional and structural pain 

• Promoting clarity of thoughts and decision-making 

• Helping you fulfil your potential and gain happiness. 

Every client who attends kinesiology is treated as an individual – because your imbalances will never be the same as someone else’s. For this reason, each balance is different, tapping into your own healing potential and what’s needed for you on that day. Your body knows what’s required for healing to take place – and the kinesiologist’s role is to help facilitate the body into that awareness. 

Who is kinesiology suitable for? 

Anyone! Kinesiology is suitable all age groups where the client is able to respond to the muscle testing(small children or infirm) testing can be done using a “surrogate”, often a parent in the case of children. 

In Conclusion 

Our Body holds deep Wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life Transform.

About Yasmine:

My name is Yasmine, I am a French native mother of two,  living in Dubai since 15 years. My long career as a teacher, allowed me to meet  and interact with many people parents and students alike. These encounters motivated me to contribute further by helping other to  develop their sense of wellbeing. My quest  for knowledge led me to kinesiology as a therapy to identify “imbalances” in the body and ways to relieve and restore  these imbalances. Through continuous study and consistent practice, Kinesiology became my true calling and resonance. Kinesiology takes the human as a whole: Body, Mind and Soul. Passionate about  limitless potential of our body, I avail my knowledge to help people live their fullest life.

Certified Kinesiology  Touch For Health practitioner (IKC)
Certified TFH Metaphors (IKC)

🔗 @bodymindsoulmedicine

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