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We all know that style is important when it comes to lingerie and underwear but we also believe that it is absolutely necessary to be confident and empowered while wearing undergarments’ that are all about comfort and feeling good. We are talking Minimalist bras-and-panties! Olga Vazhnichaia, the Founder of Minimalist underwear tells us more. Here’s to celebrating our bodies.

Olga Vazhnichaia
  • What is Minimalist Underwear all about? Why did you launch it?

Underwear is an essential part of our everyday life: it’s the closest thing to your body, it’s something that we wear daily, and it can totally define how we look and feel. At the same time, it is very much overlooked – for many years, all the ads around us were pushing this full lace, overly sexy, totally unwearable on a daily look. That’s very cool that this recent inclusion and natural look movement finally reached the intimates. 

With Minimalist, the story began a bit on a personal level. When seamless underwear brands started popping in Europe, I tried it for the first time and felt amazing. It’s just so cool when wires and push-ups don’t cage you. I thought ok, women in Dubai from all the places must enjoy this as well: when it’s 40 degrees outside, why would you want to be stuck sweating in a double-padded bra? 

Also, there is barely a place in the world where you can find such a variety of people. We are all from different backgrounds, shapes, and colors. And it’s so unique but challenging at the same time: you have to shape your product for this great diversity. That’s why seamless underwear is so great. It’s very much universal both in terms of fit (perfect for women of different shapes) and style (minimalistic and basic in design). 

  • Is Comfortable and Covered up finally having its moment in underwear choices?

I think so, look, even the Kardashians are thinking in the same direction with Skims. The pandemic brought a massive trend for leisure wear, which, I think, will stick with us for a long time. Many people are working from home now and want to be comfortable in all the layers – starting from the intimates. 

On the other hand, though it’s still a new concept, we need to spend a great deal on educating the audience. First, pushing the idea that each body is beautiful and there is no need to wear something flashy to look sexy. Second, that comfort should be a priority for everyone, because this is what makes us confident and successful – it all starts with the basics. 

  • Have you considered menopausal women who get hot flashes and need underwear to be comfortable for that?

Before launching, my primary education source was the reviews women wrote on other underwear websites. They often mentioned how the fit and quality of fabric are important for them, so I needed to see as many samples as possible to find something light and soft to the skin. Luckily there are so many choices out there now! We’ve chosen microfiber to start with as it ticks all the boxes: breathable, flexible, silky, and extremely light. Again, we all live in harsh weather conditions, so the undergarment needs to be suitable.

  • What is the design USP of Minimalist?

Comfort, and I cannot stress this enough. Once someone converts to seamless underwear, returning to wires and pushups won’t be easy. Being free in your movements and feeling confident throughout the day – is a game changer. 

The simplicity of the design. The brand philosophy is the belief that each body doesn’t need any complicated features, and it’s enough to complement its unique beauty with minimalistic designs and natural styles.

Diversity and inclusivity. I want to position Minimalist as a brand for everybody, both in terms of style and fit – seamless underwear is made with a unique technology that is firm and stretchy at the same time, giving a better fit to every type of body. 

  • Is the brand sustainable?

Sustainability is where we all aspire to go, but unfortunately, it’s still not that easy. Today it means more expensive fabrics and complex research – two factors that are difficult to take in at the beginning, when all the budgeting comes from your pocket. For now, I’ve chosen certified European suppliers who stand by nature-friendly production techniques and follow ethical work practices. Our original packaging is also plastic free. 

Talking about the future, I would love to include products made from sustainable materials, ideally locally-made. I’m also looking into the possibility of collecting used products for recycling. Since underwear needs to be replaced every six months, I believe such a program will bring value. I’m also planning to expand the size range and introduce more styles. 

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