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Ipshita Sharma talks to Mulu brand owner Kanessa Muluneh about how and why she is suddenly the poster child of the local plus size market!

Kanessa Muluneh

It all started with her being pregnant but still wanting to exercise. Kanessa had always been plus size, but due to being a power lifter, it was mostly muscle. But as she got bigger, she was at a loss about what to wear during workouts. She tried looking for bigger leggings in the market, but they were few and hard to find, and the ones she could find would stretch out to transparency when she moved or the elastic around her waist would fall apart in a few days.

This is what launched Mulu, “I started off with no knowledge or background in fashion, I just kept researching and trying to learn as much as possible about fabrics and the science behind how they work, what do people look for in athletic wear and what’s missing in the market.”

Then came the Mulu leggings, quickly becoming a cult classic, these leggings have fabrics that don’t pinch and pull during workouts, the butt doesn’t start drooping after stretches or become transparent either thanks to double layers of fabric. The stitching is heavy-duty reinforced so that it doesn’t loose its shape despite chub rub or other issues and the material is sweat-wicking so it will dry easily for maximum comfort. Drawstrings mean that they are always adjustable for your body type.

The drawstrings are easily one of our favourite features and Kanessa agrees, “I am tired of seeing women’s clothing with pockets that can’t be used and drawstrings that don’t actually do anything! Also, plus size clothing is not just taking M-sized clothing and adding some fabric to it! There’s much more to a bigger women’s body. This is how you end up with big brands around the world selling huge shirts with thin arms or jeans with waists as big as the hips! There is a big need for size inclusivity in this region.”

While globally the plus size clothing market is almost 200 billion dollars — locally, there is a complete lack of depth where inclusivity is concerned. This is inspite of there being a distinct need for options. Kanessa wishes to change this as well with Zyadah, “I want to create a platform for plus size models, designers and the community to come together in a safe space and be able to collaborate and create magic. I had a hard time finding plus size models but I hope that won’t be the case for too long!”

So reach out and support this amazing female-run small while getting all the support you need from their incredible range of athletic wear!

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