Lunar Living – simple remedies and tips for moon based selfcare

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Are days when you feel overwhelmed and emotional for no apparent reason? Do you have days when you feel exhausted, close to burn out and want to hide away from the world? We all go through this!
Lunar Living could be just the answer that you are looking for. Working according to the changing phases of the moon helps you to understand yourself more,
aligning your life, helping you focus on self-care. Living in tune with this natural flow will make a big difference to how you feel, says Jane Elizabeth, transformational coach and energy healer at Miracles Wellbeing Centre.

The moon is surrounded by mystery, a shimmering light up in our sky, shining down to guide us in the night.

Some may not be aware however, the moon can help with our intuition and make us feel safe and secure. The moon’s energy is so powerful it controls the gravitational pull of the waves and tides. Every 29.5 days the moon goes through eight cycles, each one contributing to our human existence in a physical, emotional and mental capacity. 

The moon is quite literally our guiding light, and we can use its light energy to align with our own spiritual self-care. Using the moon’s energy, we can feel empowered to make life decisions, understand ourselves better and use the moon as a source of healing.  

So, you may be wondering how this can be done? Well, there are two main moon cycles: The New moon & The Full moon. During these cycles there are certain practices that can be done which are believed to help us tap into “moon-based self-care”: 

New Moon practices: 

The new moon starts the cycle. This is our opportunity to plant the seeds of thought for manifestations to grow and source energy for new beginnings. The New Moon allows us to start the next cycle with a blank canvas and to get clear about what we want in life, it is a time to set goals and aim our focus at what we wish for. 

Here are a couple of things you can do to help with your own New Moon for new beginnings cycle:

·      Declutter the home or office space 

·      Smudging – which can be done through burning sage or frankincense to clear up any negative energies that may be surrounding your space. 

·      Write down a list of all the new things you would like in your life. 

·      Create some positive affirmations and stick them in a place you will see them often,  such as your fridge, phone, wallpaper of your PC etc. These affirmations can include things like: “Today I choose happiness”, “I am successful”, “I can do anything I put my mind to” and “I attract prosperity”. 

·      Create a vision board – This can be done by using a cork board and sticking pictures on it that represent all the new beginnings you would like to see actualize into your life.

·      Do a meditation on new beginnings.  

Two weeks after the New Moon comes The Full Moon! This cycle is about releasing negative energy, letting go and taking time out for self reflection. During the Full Moon cycle, we can let go mentally by using a few of the below practices. 

Full Moon practices:

·      Declutter the home or office space

·      Smudging – which can be done through burning sage or frankincense to clear up any negative energies that may be surrounding your space. 

·      Write down all the challenges you have faced through the last moon cycle (New Moon) and burn it outside under the Full Moon. This will allow for you to release and let go of the challenges you have been facing.  

·      Put any crystals you may have outside to cleanse and recharge them with positive energy

·      Meditate & light a candle 

·      Surround yourself with nature to ground and recharge your energy. 

If you have been facing issues that you would like to overcome and want your 2022 to be the year of change, Jane Elizabeth offers a couple of meditations that are available both online and in person at Miracles Wellness Center in Dubai. These meditations, as listed below, use both moon cycles to reflect on and heal the areas that are often overlooked due to our busy day to day lives. 

·      The New moon meditation – New beginnings

·      The Full moon meditation – Release and let go 

Let 2022 be your best year yet, I hope to see you at Miracles on the next moon cycle. 

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