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We all care about what we eat and put in our bodies, avoiding processed food, and eating as clean as possible. So, does it not make sense to think about what we use on our face and body too? Choosing natural and organic skincare is more about a holistic approach to not only our health but establishing a more sustainable lifestyle. The organic skincare line, IXORA, is the brand to watch out for!

With years of scientific and practical experience in herbal medicine and the natural cosmeceutical beauty industry, IXORA was created by pharmacist, Dr. Nader Sheasha. He has combined his expertise in historical formulations with the latest natural biotechnology to meet modern-day skin care demands and provide the ultimate in skin care solutions. Inspired by history, rooted in nature, crafted by science and surrounded by passion for perfection, IXORA was born to provide a revolutionary organic beauty.

IXORA’s unique formulations are carefully created to meet COSMOS organic certification – which means the line is cruelty-free, sustainably produced and contains no harmful or harsh ingredients.

The brand promises a revolutionary approach to beauty, using “ingredients with the highest quality and maximum concentration of organic botanical extracts, resulted in luxury products that are as natural as they are effective.”

Ingredients are the main thing to watch out for while choosing a product and Ixora meets all standards here with an educated team behind the brand to really ensure you are getting the right product for your skin type. 

Why choose IXORA over other brands?

IXORA products hold the highest level of organic certification in the world in the beauty industry, COSMOS Organic. The formulations were created by Dr. Nader and a team of world class personal care technologists to act as a treatment to cure and prevent skin problems. They strive to educate and remind customers of the true power of nature. All of their representatives are highly educated about the world of natural and organic beauty products as even today, customers are confused between the two. They ensure that all customers get a proper consultation to guarantee the right fit for their needs as they genuinely care about their skin and overall health.

Are the products suitable for men too? 

Yes, Ixora is for everyone! Their products are also safe to use on children too.  

What are the biggest mistakes people make while choosing skincare and face care products? 

The biggest mistake is buying products that either you don’t need or do not fit your skin type or condition. Another very important point to highlight is, when you are looking for Natural or Organic skin care, make sure it is legit. Take the time to read the ingredients and check if there is a qualitative certification. We are often fooled by marketing tools like ”this product contains natural ingredients” or ”Organic Ingredients” but still they have no certifications to validate that. The skincare industry is growing rapidly and with that wave we see many new ”trends” and brands launching innovative products. We are all dreaming of that glowing, smooth and perfect complexion! So why not experiment and try? Unfortunately, this often is a trap. You purchase something that looked so good on social media, but it ended up not being the right fit for your skin. Before making a skin care purchase, know your skin and understand what it really needs.

We Love:

IXORA Handcrafted Soap Boxes

Ixora’s natural handcrafted soaps come in a plethora of beautiful scents. From cinnamon to coffee, fig, black oud, red rose and lavender to name just a few, there is a soap to suit all tastes! And their felt soap is our top favourite!

Essential Oils

Focus, Happy, Relax and Sweet Dreams are the names of the four 100% Organic Essential Oil Blends available from Ixora. You can enjoy using them with the Ixora Diffuser to create an energizing ambience and mood or create your own bespoke massage oil by mixing your favourite with some almond or jojoba oil.

We tried:

Hydrating face cleansing gel – a lightweight formula enriched with Jojoba Seed Oil which quickly absorbs and deeply penetrates to soften and soothe dry skin. The oil does not evaporate which means that it leaves a long-lasting layer of moisture. It also contains Shea Butter that is rich of Vitamin E and powerfully regenerative and assists skin in retaining moisture. Perfect for the dry summer months when your skin feels parched and dry.

Hydrating facial toner – perfect for restoring the skin’s moisture and Ph level with. Enriched with Geranium Rose Essential Oil to balance the skin’s natural production of oil and soothe dry skin. Combined with Black Oats which moisturizes and helps in locking in moisture.

Daily defense cream SPF 15 – A summer must-have! Protects skin from damaging free radicals, pollutants and UV rays. Enriched with concentrated extracts of Cydonia Oblonga Leaf which helps to reduce excess oil and enlarged pores. This unique formulation also contains Spf15 and Ribes Nigrum Seed Oil a powerful antioxidant.

Visit Ixora stores in Dubai Festival City and Dubai Mall and you can also shop the full range online at and keep up to date with the latest news and updates on social media @ixora_organic_beauty.

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