New to yoga? Read these top tips before getting started

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Embarking on yoga discovery is one of the most satisfying, rewarding, and enlightening journeys you can take. For those who haven’t tried the practice before, they may just think of it as a form of exercise – a way to keep yourself fit and healthy. But it’s so much more than that, says Shadi Enbashi.

For millions of people around the world it’s a lifestyle and that’s exactly what it is for us at Seva Experience. Yoga is a way to reach a whole new dimension of wellness – a 360-degree approach to helping you grow stronger, physically, mentally and emotionally.  

If you’re new to yoga and would like to know more about where to start, we’ve put together these fundamental tips to remember as you embark on this journey.

Release judgement and expectation

One of the most important things we believe about yoga compared to other forms of exercise is its ability to transport you to another place as you practice. But to fully let yourself go, you need to release any judgement or expectations you have of yourself. Yoga is a space for open-mindedness and open-heartedness – a place where you can push your boundaries while also feeling secure in yourself and your surroundings.

It’s also important to note that going to a yoga class doesn’t mean you’re there to ‘fix’ something. No part of you is broken and never will be. The nature of personal growth and working on yourself can change your life dramatically, but there is nothing within you that yoga will ‘fix’. You are already whole. Yoga will simply help you enrich your inner and outer being.

Accept and welcome stillness

If you’re used to high intensity workouts or lively group sessions where your mind and body aren’t encouraged to be still, then yoga will be an eye-opener for you. As we practice more and more, we learn how to be comfortable with stillness, and not only how to accept it but also how to welcome it into our lives. Nowadays, we are also running on high speed, and the art of pausing and being still is something many of us never get the opportunity to practice. Yoga gifts you this and helps your whole body and mind slow down and start to go deeper.   

Focus on your breathing

Whether you’ve already tried your first yoga class or it’s next on your agenda, one thing that will help you on your journey is the reminder to always focus on your breathing. Every yoga class, from Vinyasa Flow to Yin, focuses on breathwork and the earlier you realize its importance in your practice, the quicker you will start to see transformations in yourself.

Get ready to meet your true self

While yoga is a phenomenal physical workout, no matter your level of expertise, many argue its biggest benefit is the transformation it has on your mental health and emotional wellbeing. Through certain movements, stretches and poses, you’re able to release pent up emotions or snippets of the past that are affecting your future – even if you don’t realize you are holding onto them. Practicing yoga lets you peel back the layers of yourself and find your inner truth. It’s a space for learning what needs to be learned and unlearning what needs to be let go, all the while realigning with your true authentic self. For some, this process can be a journey that lasts years, whereas for others this impactful unravelling is felt from the very first class.

No matter your level of fitness or whether you’ve tried yoga before or not, remembering these key principles can help you realize that this is really a lifestyle, and not just an exercise. Having practiced yoga for 12 years, I still go into classes and learn new things about myself. It has allowed me to build a more insightful and deeper connection with my inner self. And even still, I know there is so much more for me to discover. I look forward to welcoming you into our community as you take your first step.

You can attend any yoga class offered at SEVA Experience even without prior practice experience. All classes are tailored to welcome you wherever you are on your journey. Yoga is a safe way of life, and the only prerequisite is that you show up! 

About Shadi Enbashi:

Shadi Enbashi is the co-founder of SEVA Experience wellbeing center and its sisters, mystical cafe SEVA Table, and concept store SEVA Stories in Dubai. He looks after keeping the narrative of SEVA Experience away from both dry business tones and second-hand spiritual cliche. Shadi lived in a very specialized corporate culture for nearly two decades while honing his focus on a parallel path of calling to teachings and practices of being a human being before fully dedicating his attention to playing his leading role as part of the SEVA Experience team.

Shadi’s passion is exploring and experiencing ancient and extreme traditions of mankind, language, semantics & etymology, and movement. He enjoys the outdoor textures, food textures, and sound textures.

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