‘New Year, New Me?’ More like ‘New Year, Healthy Me’

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Let’s get it right this year with India Gate!

Let’s get real — it’s time we kept aside the ‘New Year, New Me’ cliché and be just a bit more practical with our goals. Switching up your entire diet does not happen easily, and there’s no reason to do that too, why not look at small changes to make in your everyday life?

Say hello to well-being in 2022 with India Gate, one of the largest rice exporters globally & in the Middle East. Known for their sustainable farming practices, the brand stocks a wide range of healthier grain options, such as Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, and Brown Basmati Rice, that not only taste delicious but also help keep your calories in check.

Consultant Nutritionist at India Gate, Dr. Dana Hamwi shares 6 key tips that can help you stay fit all year long, commit to your health values and take a step forward in the right direction this year.

  1. You’ve probably searched ‘how to have a flat stomach’ at least once in your life. Search no more! Start your day with one tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach and get that flat stomach in no time.
  • Skip the protein shakes and jump into the real protein goodness: Quinoa. Including quinoa in your daily diet and using it in a salad or side dish will give you a good amount of protein and dietary fibers.
  • Brown rice may not be the answer to all your problems, but it definitely is the answer when it comes to controlling blood sugar and cholesterol. Using sprouted brown rice in your main meals will balance both.
  • Excessive hair loss is a nightmare on its own. Adding a single tablespoon of Chia Seeds to your daily yogurt will not only stop hair loss but will also provide your body with omega 3 and dietary fibers, which will help in preventing constipation.
  • Running low on omega 3? Take one tablespoon of grounded Flax Seeds daily and add it to your salad or yogurt to pump your body with the right amount of omega 3.
  • That healthy diet is calling you and it begins with Amaranth seeds. Being a wonderful source of vitamin C, the seeds help process iron, form blood vessels, and repair muscle tissue. 

With all the above, don’t forget to exercise regularly and plan outdoor activities. Get some of that UAE sunlight — you can’t ever get enough of it!

India Gate, part of the KRBL group, is the world’s largest miller and exporter of branded basmati rice. In addition to 14 basmati and non-basmati rice brands, the company has a growing presence in healthy foods and power generation harnessed by its wind, solar, and biomass plants. Committed to creating enduring value beyond business, India Gate is deeply invested in sustainable farming practices, optimal supply chain models, and food security.

For more information, please visit https://krblrice.com/.

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