NLP to cope with COVID-19 anxiety

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The COVID-19 pandemic is still continuing and while we cannot control the spread of the virus, we can look at how to manage our responses to the factors we have around us.  Using psychology techniques, we can look at various ways to improve our lives and the lives of others around us.  One technique which can be immensely helpful with anxiety and personal development and is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), says Melanie Gordon.

The concept behind NLP is to consider how limitless our potential is and to learn valuable navigation skills, looking at the thinking process and how we use language that influences us and how to set goals. 

If you really want to achieve something in life try and find someone who has already achieved the goal you wish to set for yourself, and study how that person has achieved their goal and look at the pitfalls they have made and how you can avoid them.  Learn from them and then look at your own behaviour and endeavour to transform your future.  This gives you the ability to take a positive step to showing you how you can have a rewarding private and professional life.  Learning by example.

The brain has ten billion brain cells and nerve endings that allow us to make sense of our surroundings and how we perceive the world. The human brain is a sophisticated gadget that we have at our disposal. It is so complex that we underestimate how we can use our skills to get where we want to go in life.  Look at the cohesion in your life and use your energy wisely so that wisdom can become more effective and also use the tools to harness the energy to point yourself in the right direction.  Power is not about domination but using energy wisely to direct it at yourself to guide you through the quest of life.  Become introspective and though your stillness, use your own life forces in an unwavering energy to create the power of your goals.  Create your own inner engineering and make sure your legacy is intelligent and directed to give yourself the chance to bloom.  Life is not in straight lines but organic in nature and using your talents and diversity can point the way naturally to a brighter future. 

With the mastery of goal orientation, you can find something you love which you can use as your force and find the spark within. You can now find something that you can excel at.  Look at the cohesiveness of your life and become more receptive to your own physical aspects within your own creation.

NLP helps us to identify patterns of behaviour and use the resources we have already have so that we can use the situations we have gained to learn the and create a greater future. 

Melanie Gordon is a qualified UK counsellor who offers kind and clear advice for all your sensitive issues with that comes from the heart with warmth and empathy. Listening to one another can make you feel you’re not alone.

For more information on Yoga, meditation, counselling, pilates and reiki visit Melanie Gordon’s new website

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