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For all those who believe that optimal health should not be a choice but a lifestyle, Fitlov is a must! It is UAE’s very first on-demand platform offering fitness, & wellness solutions under one roof. Think quality-checked personal trainers, certified nutritionists, & wellness practitioners all in one space ready to cater to you at your convenience. We talk to Zena Hamdan – Co-founder & Managing Partner to find out why this should be the latest app on your phone.

Offering convenience, quality & support, Fitlov is created to seamlessly fit into your busy schedule.  Designed for those with demanding professional and personal lives, it offers ease and accessibility to one and all. Whether you need to get a workout in before you head to the office, while at lunch hour during a busy workday or in between school pick-ups, Fitlov has your back!

The exceptionally user-friendly application has over 100+ qualified fitness instructors offering training across 30+ disciplines including Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing or Pre & Post-natal for the new mamas in town – among many other disciplines – making it the ultimate destination with the largest fitness portfolio.

Its unique geo-tag feature allows you to find the best fitness trainers in the area and reach your desired goals, be it losing weight or getting toned, no matter where you want to get, a dedicated nutritionist and personal trainer are there to support. The application allows you book to choose your preferred workout, with a personal trainer of your choice – all at your convenience and according to your schedule.

“After successfully incorporating fitness and nutrition solutions to Fitlov, wellness felt like the right next step as it all goes hand in hand towards holistic wellbeing. We took in feedback from our existing customers and introduced the wellness element to cater to their needs, we want Fitlov to be a value-add solution for all our users and will continue to add more on the service front making for an enriching platform.” says Alberto Pardo, Co-founder, Fitlov.

What is the one thing that fitlov has gotten right with their app that makes them stand out?

If I had to choose one thing, I would say our app has a simple yet strong user interface that allows the customer to get on the application and choose their workout, trainer and preferred training slot all in a few seconds.

Give us 3 reasons to pick fitlov over other apps?

Fitlov is the only on-demand fitness & wellness app in the region currently. We offer holistic solutions ranging from fitness, nutrition & wellness all in one.

The Fitlov app has a very easy customer interface, which means it is quite simple to use for one and all, whether an individual is tech-savvy or not.

Fitlov ensures quality with all of their professionals, be it with the trainers that come on as well as wellness professionals. All new professionals go through a stringent evaluation process to ensure they are top of the line and can deliver results for Fitlovers.

Can you comment on the success rate of people who work out using apps versus those who don’t?

I don’t think we can measure success by those who use the app vs those who don’t, but we can definitely say that those who have done their homework and have decided to use an app, have done that because they want to commit, be held accountable and are really looking to achieve their goals.

Isn’t community work out a better idea?

It depends on what you are trying to achieve, the difference with group vs one-on-one training is the focus a trainer has on the client.

As much as community workouts are fun, the trainer will not build a session dedicated to your needs, and obviously will not have the have time to continuously correct your form.

What you get with Fitlov and won’t get in a community workout is:

A personalized workout, customized to your body type, preferences, habits and lifestyle

Nutritionist support, with our packages, you get a certified nutritionist that will run a full body composition and will set you up for success

Convenience, our trainers come to you, so no excuses to be made

How do you partner with fitness trackers?

We do not have this in place at the moment, however in the future we do plan to integrate main wearables and fitness tracks within the app. Currently we do observe a lot of our users tracking their fitness metrics via devices such as the apple watch & fitbit among others.

Do you have a healthy eating plan integrated into the app?

Currently, we offer nutrition coaching, whereby we do a thorough assessment of the client, look at their eating habits and based on their macros we form a live diet plan that is always updated based on the client’s workout plan and results.

In the last 2 years people’s knowledge about health has increased. We’re being pushed to know about more kinds of data points, too, such as heart rate, O2 levels, and heart rate variability.

What do you see as some of the new metrics that people are going to be interested in tracking?

We like to keep things simple; we stick to the simple metrics of our body compositions analysis (Weight, Fat & Muscle percentage, BMI) and old school measuring by tap.

Our entire team has a deep understanding on VO2 max, lactate threshold and heart rate levels but we only provide advise to clients who ask for it.

We believe the new metrics must be around the strain of the body (stress levels) sleeping patterns and so on.

In a futuristic world, what would one like to know more about one’s self, and how would people like to see or interact with that information?

There are a lot of data points out there which people have access to but don’t know quite how to use effectively. I think in the future, it will be less of data and more of insights.

Essentially the focus would be on translating those data points to real insights that help you improve your fitness, sleep, stress levels and so on, not only that but provide a benchmark on your data vs others who are around your age. 

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