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  • Detox Day 1 with Ahlaam Ali

    by yogalife_user

    Green juice Day!Now I am sure you have all done your gratitude this morning.  Lets get on with this fabulous Green juice!!This juice is full of pure undiluted chlorophyll!!  The …

  • Fried Rice Buddha Bowl

    by yogalife_user

    Dubai-based Delna Prakashan serves up a delightful Asian recipe from her debut cookbook Whip It! – A Guide to Being Sassy & Skilled in the Kitchen. Her optimism and joie …

  • Telemedicine the new game changer

    by yogalife_user

    Since the onset of COVID-19, the healthcare industry, which is at the axis of the pandemic, experienced a drop in elective surgeries, medical tourism and outpatient department footfall among others. …