Pisces Feb 20 – Mar20

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You have a starry alliance of planets in your 11th house – Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, along with the ecliptic node. The 11th house represents all the goodness that is diverted towards us in the form of prizes, awards, tangible rewards and positive appraisal from seniors. If there’s any ‘good karma’ house, this is the house. After the fatigue and tire of the 10th house sweat and toil, where there’s more toil and little appreciation, you’ve got a load of planets shining on you with their ultimate blessings – love, appreciation, bonuses, raises and lots of respect. This month you’ll also see how those who’ve not worked nor walked on a good path, could suffer the consequences. It is from the 11th house that one can see how the rest of the world performs with a clear view. That’s some perspective you’re having Pisces.

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