Pregnancy in COVID-19 times

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Pregnancy at any time can be a struggle. During this time of the pandemic, pregnancy can add a new level of stress and worries especially as emotions are running high.  At the moment we do not know the implications of COVID-19 on an unborn child or the long-term effects it can carry for both the mother and baby. Anxiety and depression can be amplified, especially as so many of us are away from home, loved ones and family.

The implications of pregnancy should be a major consideration at the moment not just the pregnancy and physical implications itself but taking into consideration mental health issues, psychology of how to help women from negative thinking and isolation.  Anxiety and depression not only have a negative effect on the mental health of the women but can also have a knock-on effect on the relationship or marriage.  Repetitive negative thoughts about the past and future can start of occur as well as isolation stressors.  Social support is vital for pregnancy and even more so during this time of uncertainty as the pandemic surges through the population.  Many women are relying on the kindness and empathy of friends especially in the expat community.

The ways to elevate some of the common concerns and not to feel too exasperated can be:

Make good use of Zoom and Microsoft teams to contact friends and family who are abroad. Use technology as your go to tool when you are feeling a little down or need an extra boost and chat, so schedule times and then you will have something to look forward to.

Use Cognitive Behavioural Therapies – Look at different ways to frame your worries and concerns.  Develop strategies to look at the situation in a different way to help stop over thinking, take a step back, your worries will not be the same in a few months’ time.

All pregnant mummies worry about the baby and what will happen.  Remember this is normal and don’t take it out of context.  Millions of women are doing the same thing as you are right now.  Remember you are not alone.

Don’t over google things that you are concerned about.  Look to your health care provider to give you sound medical advice that applies to you and not others.  Step away, and do not to jump to inappropriate conclusions.

Pretend you are your hero “What would Wonder Women do now?”  Make a list of the people you admire and find strength from.  Make them your role models and take heart that things will be ok, as we live in the modern world, and we now have injections against COVID-19. Think of the women who gave birth 500 years ago with none of the medical advances that are here now.

Use Yoga and meditation apps to ease though this difficult time.  This helps to gives focus and time to calm down when things become too much.  Yoga and meditation give the ability to feel self-empowered and change powerful negative thoughts into something beautiful and are vital to give breathing space. Yoga brings a sense of equilibrium and creates mental clarity.

Negative thoughts are a powerful thing.  Don’t underestimate them.  A different approach is needed to feel good about the changing body and these changing situations.  In a few months, time the situations will change. There are now a variety of vaccines and new ways of treating COVID-19.  Take heart, all will be well and take sensible precautions at all times.  Look after the body and mind.  Don’t let things spiral out of control, be IN control and feel the way a pregnancy that can bloom into a beautiful experience.

Melanie Gordon is a qualified UK counsellor who offers kind and clear advice for all your sensitive issues with that comes from the heart with warmth and empathy. Listening to one another can make you feel you’re not alone.

For more information on Yoga, meditation, counselling, pilates and reiki visit Melanie Gordon’s new website

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