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New meal delivery service that not only customises your experience but also ensures that it is guilt free. Ipshita Sharma tells us more.

Prep&Co is the new delivery service started by Mohammad Abu Rezeq as Executive Chef, Erwin Jamantoc as Development Chef and Maya El Ali  as a Nutritionist. 

Once you chat with the nutritionist, you can together figure out what kind of meals would work best for you based on your likes and dislikes. Make the most of this opportunity because Maya is a joy to talk to! Not only is she knowledgeable but is also truly understanding of the various issues faced by people who may not have time left to shop and cook. 

She can help you choose your menus or you can choose between regular meals, lighter meals and bulking up meals, depending on what you are hoping to do. There are various types of cuisines to choose from, based on your tastes. You can choose how many meals you want in a day – the most is 3 meals with 2 snacks and because the menus keep changing, you can choose the meals you will get closer to the dates of them being sent out. You can also ask Maya to choose your meals for you based on your conversation. You can also choose between gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, keto etc etc. 

I wanted to check it all out so I got all 3 meals and 2 snacks delivered every other day for 3 days. I received a mix of curries and grilled items and for snacks there were salads and a few protein balls and bars.

Overall review: the quality of the food is fantastic, everything tastes great and fresh. I had an issue with the quantity. The portions are slightly smaller than what I would eat on a daily basis and honestly I don’t eat big portions.

The delivery process was smoother than butter! Everyday the food would arrive magically outside my door by 7 am. It was fantastically packed with cutlery and cooling bottles so everything would stay fresh. Then you leave the bag outside and it was gone the next day. Magic! 

The packaging did leave me scratching my head though, because while some boxes were biodegradable, others were single use plastic? Didn’t get the deal around that at all. Maybe as they streamline their orders, they can fully commit to an earth-friendly system. Here’s hoping because they truly do deserve a long run. 

My highlights were the spicy chicken with broccoli for lunch and the omlette in the breakfast. I would easily order those once a week. Am not really big on protein bars and balls as snacks as I have a spicy tooth and not a sweet one. 

Prep and go is such a great option for those who don’t have time to go shopping and even if they do, they don’t necessarily know what to buy and if they do buy something, don’t know what to cook! It is also great for those who want to get out of unhealthy meal patterns. I would definitely recommend trying this out, especially after a chat with the amazing nutritionist. 

Good — Great option for meals for people on the go that caters to all needs and tastes.

Bad — Slightly smaller portions but I’m sure that can be managed.

Trendy — Not only can you keep up with the latest diets, the food tastes amazing!!

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