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Future-driven technology is an indispensable tool to any kitchen. Quooker does it all with its’ technology-driven core and design aesthetic at the forefront of all their products – the perfect blend of form and function! With several sizes, shapes and finishes, every customer will find a Quooker that best fits their kitchen. We tell you all you need to know…

Quooker is the tap that does it all; allowing you to instantly have true 100 degrees boiling water, straight from the tap! You also have the option to have chilled and sparkling water if you opt for the upgraded, All-In-One tap. Boiling, Hot, Cold, Chilled and Sparkling Water. All filtered, ready to drink and all from one tap!

Where did the inspiration behind Quooker come from?

Quooker’s story started in 1970. The founder of Quooker, Henri Peteri, was working at Unilever at the time when he had an idea that would change his life forever.

It was during a presentation about instant soup. They showed how you could dissolve soup in boiling water in just five seconds. ‘And to do that, you have to heat water for five minutes?’ Peteri thought. ‘ Peteri remembered thinking how pointless that sounded! The idea of an “instant” soup that required 5 minutes of heating water first didn’t make sense.

When Peteri got home, he went down into his basement to develop a prototype of the world’s first boiling-water tap. That, he thought, would allow the instant soup idea to make a little bit more sense. The process took up a lot of time and money, but Peteri knew it would all be worth it when the first model went to market. He started selling it to friends and acquaintances, and it was all uphill from there.

Today, the Quooker tap comes in many models and offers many features, with taps ranging from only boiling water taps to All-In-One taps that generate boiling, hot, cold, chilled, and sparkling water – always filtered and all from one tap.

With several sizes, designs, and finishes, every customer finds a Quooker that best fits their kitchen. Whether it is an elegant Stainless-Steel Flex tap with a pull-out hose, or a trendy Black Square Fusion tap, regardless of your kitchen style, one of Quooker’s 11 designs and finishes will be a perfect fit.

Tips for mastering a plastic-free season this Ramadan.

Even though we fast in Ramadan, we tend to consume a lot more, especially during “Iftar” to “Suhoor.” With more consumption, of course, comes more supermarket visits and plastic bag usage. Quooker recommends some standard practices that help cut down on plastic consumption:

Opt for reusable bags: Whether it’s a tote or else, any reusable bag will do! Ask the cashier at the supermarket to fill up your products in your reusable bag instead of a plastic bag.

Stop storing fruits and veggies in disposable plastic zips in the fridge. If you’re going to keep food, better do it in reusable Tupperware or mesh bags.

If you’re buying fruit, buy it in bulk! Your local supermarket will probably have you place your fruit in a plastic bag. If you’ve got to use the plastic, at least buy in bulk to reduce plastic waste.

Can a Quooker allow you to take a step closer to enjoying a plastic-free Ramadan?

If you buy the all-in-one Quooker, you will never need to purchase plastic bottled water ever again! People usually prefer having bottles around the house to place in the fridge when in need of cool water. Some may be in the mood for sparkling water, so they’ll buy a pack every once in a while. But again, the all-in-one Quooker does it all – allowing you to access cool, hot, sparkling water all from the same tap. It’s an actual investment and a huge step forward towards turning your home into a sustainable space.

How important is kitchen decluttering for our mental wellbeing?

Experts have suggested that getting rid of clutter in the household daily can help improve our mental wellbeing. Clutter has been proven to be overwhelming to us, so getting rid of it can free the mind.

A big part of why minimal design has become so popular over the past couple of years is due to its benefit on the mind. When people constantly declutter the house or rid it of unnecessary appliances and tools, they feel a burden lifted off their shoulders.

Refer to Marie Kondo’s decluttering method and motto to keep only items that spark joy and keep your space as minimal as possible.

What are some actionable steps people can take to declutter their kitchen?

Invest in items that perform multiple valuable functions. Adopt the Scandinavian approach to design: it should be functional, simple and with clean lines. Quooker does just that by creating a smart appliance that combines several kitchen functions and a simple design. This allows us to cut down on the number of appliances required in the kitchen, making the kitchen look clean. When you invest in a Quooker, you no longer need to have a kettle insight. Nor do you need to have multiple water bottles stacked up over the kitchen counter or in the fridge. A Quooker is an appliance that generates cool, boiling, sparkling water from the same tap – all of which is filtered! It truly is an all-in-one essential – that’s the beauty of it.

Are there any specific Quooker products you would recommend for families trying to have a more sustainable Ramadan?

The all-in-one Quooker Flex tap with five-functions (it has a fantastic pull-out-hose that allows you to reach every corner of your sink), as that is the tap that will allow you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. It will enable you to cut down on all the kitchen clutter and minimize your plastic consumption and even power usage. With the five-function Quooker, you will no longer require a kettle, nor will you keep buying plastic water bottles, whether sparkling or normal still water.

Because every Quooker tap is a boiling water tap, and with the Quooker CUBE – can become an all-in-one tap– you can go for any tap you want! Whichever tap you buy, you can always upgrade to turn into an all-in-one Quooker with the addition of Quooker CUBE.

Your choice of tap will depend on few factors. The Flex tap, is equipped with a flexible pull-out hose. This makes it very easy to rinse and clean at any point in the sink and ideal for larger sinks. The Fusion taps are very minimalistic an can rotate 360-degree. There is a Quooker tap for every type of kitchen!

Check out the Quooker Ramadan deals on www.quooker.ae

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