Reflexology – Much more than just a foot massage

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Better health is at the top of everyone’s list this year. Kenkoh, the Japanese massage footwear brand uses principles of reflexology to provide improved health through improved blood circulation, nerve stimulation and help combat stress with boosted energy levels. It uses a targeted, pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy throughout the body.

With the beginning of 2021, many will start exercising and eating healthier, and reflexology is a great holistic practice to enhance a clean and healthy lifestyle. As an alternative to costly reflexology sessions, Kenkoh offers all the benefits of acupuncture therapy on the go. The footwear features complementary therapy for ailments like cancer, diabetes, flat feet and tendonitis; it also helps to relieve physical symptoms of mental stress like migraines and lack of sleep. With as little as 15 minutes of walking in Kenkoh sandals, users experience a significant difference in their blood circulation, effectively improving overall health and increasing energy levels. For those making fitness a priority this year, Kenkoh shoes can aid in athletic recovery by relieving fatigued feet and reducing swelling in the ankles.

The latest premium leather collection offers distinct styles for men and women. Aligned with their core values for designing comfortable, breathable shoes that feature a vast range of health benefits, the brand is committed to introducing reflexology to the community. As many embark on fulfilling their new year’s resolutions, Kenkoh makes for the perfect health partner to help achieve those goals.

Start practising self-love by making wellbeing a priority in the new year with Kenkoh’s latest premium leather collection. The two new styles for men showcase elegant braided leather and ostrich designs, alongside leather elegance for women with a glossy finish. Every pair of shoes is constructed using the Kenkoh signature massage insole, providing health, style and comfort.

For more information on Kenkoh’s new collection and their benefits, please visit or check out socials @kenkohme.

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