Relaxing 101 with The Gaggler Meditation kit

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Are you looking to GET RID OF YOUR STRESS, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and More?  Most of you would agree with me, especially in view of the current pandemic that has held the world hostage and tuned our lives topsy turvy.

We can all agree at this point that practicing meditation is a worthwhile and healthy practice with recognizable long-term benefits to help with all of the above. The Gaggler Meditation Kit is the secret to Bring Yourself Back into Balance, Health and Living a Stress-Free Life!

Whether you are new to meditation or are a regular practitioner, this kit is a subtle reminder of mindfulness by putting you in the right frame of mind, building up momentum in your practice, and helping you solidify the practice as time goes by. The kit provides everything essential to practice meditation effectively in everyday life.

This Relaxation Meditation Kit includes a Meditation Guide, a Self-Reflection Journal, three guided meditation audio tracks, and one relaxing musical audio track. With this comprehensive kit, you will cultivate calm by utilising an object of focus, such as your breath or visualisation, to help manage and alleviate the stress you are experiencing.

The guide begins by explaining what meditation is and what it is not (very important to know considering all the advice available on the internet!), clearing your mind about the concept.

It goes on to explain about the space in which to meditate, tips on the practice itself and a tutorial on post meditation journaling. Writing as a meditative practice can be done in addition to, or in place of other forms of meditation. Journaling can be a particularly helpful meditation practice for times when you are struggling to quieten your mind. Instead of rejecting thoughts that arise in your mind, you write them down. They provide a journal that is set out in two sections. The first half contains a series of prompts to motivate you to look deep inside yourself and draw out some hidden or jammed thoughts you may not have identified. The second half of the journal provides you with a space for daily self-reflection at a more basic level. The journal’s daily portion is divided into self-reflection prompts to answer in the morning after meditation and then in the evening before bedtime. This journal serves to tap into the thoughts, emotions, memories, and ideas that lay deep within you and contribute to your feelings of stress, or anxiety; creating a way to release and eventually remove such feelings.

The kit also contains three guided meditations on different topics plus a relaxing musical track. They suggest the use of one guided meditation audio track daily for at least one week to master the specific technique and guidance contained in the track, before moving to the next audio track. Each guided meditation is of varying length and topic. Each meditation track’s varied duration allows you the flexibility to initially use them individually, particularly if this is your first time with meditation, starting with the 10-minute Relaxation Breathing Technique guided meditation, which is the shortest.


Breathe in, breathe out. On average we do it over 20,000 times a day and it is the simplest and most powerful mind/body technique ever! Through breath control you can voluntarily relax your involuntary nervous system, which regulates the heart, digestion, and other bodily functions. This 10-minute track allows you to be mindful of your physical body, the sensations that occur in the body. This has a calming effect on the nervous system. You are guided through all the steps as you go along. The breathing techniques presented in this audio track are great to let go of stressful tension and unwind. For those who operate in a stressed state all the time, it might be a bit hard it is to control the breath.” So, if the pacing doesn’t come naturally to you at first, don’t sweat it. Just keep practicing.


Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is an anxiety-reduction technique that involves alternating tension and relaxation in all the body’s major muscle groups. Whenever we are tense, out body responds by tightening up. This technique that asks you to gently tense and relax your body’s different areas, helps release the tension we are holding in our body making us relaxed and calm. If you practice this technique correctly, you may even end up falling asleep. If so, congratulate yourself on obtaining such a deep level of relaxation, and for the work that you did up to that point. The meditation begins with gentle breathing, and then you will be guided to focus on different areas of your body (with guidance).


It sounds conflicting to combine visualization with relaxing and meditation. Because as we are always told, meditation is all about letting thoughts come and go rather than focusing on them or engaging in them, right? Visualization is a mindfulness technique on its own, but you can also use it to enhance regular meditation. Adding visualization into your meditation mix allows you to better direct your relaxed mind toward specific outcomes you’d like to see. When you visualize, you focus on something specific — an event, person, or goal you want to achieve — and hold it in your mind, imagining your outcome becoming reality.

Here you are gently guided into more profound relaxation. You may want to listen to this audio track before bedtime to help you unwind and prepare your body for a restful sleep. Before starting the visualisation portion of this guided meditation, you are guided through a body scan to help your mind and body reach a deeper relaxation level. The ‘visualisation’ part take some time to get used to but this is normal, and you should focus on tapping into other senses to visualise. You are guided to return to the room around you but can continue this meditation if you choose.


Music has many wonderful benefits for stress management and overall health. It can help alleviate stress from your mind, lifting your mood, slowing your breathing, and creating a calmer you. This track is perfect for beginners. Music meditation feels simpler and more instantly relaxing than other forms of practice. This track contains soothing sounds and gentle notes to create a relaxing experience. Just listen to this track on its own as part of your ‘silent’ meditation and allow yourself to sink into relaxation.

Our Verdict: The Gaggler Meditation kit rebrands meditation from a wellness ersatz routine that we all hold back on, to an energizing, reliable ritual we’ll want turn to every day. This is the sort of kit that would have me sitting down for 10 minutes a day.

By: Viki Shah

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