Sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21

by yogalife_user
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A bunch of planets in your 2nd house of home, finances, and family have been wearing you out, yet with Mars in your 1st house, keeping you energized and active, you’ve got the drive to keep going and complete your tasks. Go at your pace, and one word of advice would be to walk, work-out and drive slowly, as Mars in your sign and in your main house of ‘me’ could make you prone to haste, and so slow down consciously. With the eclipse season highlighting the 2nd house of finances, this is not a good time to initiate new investments or start a new venture. Rather, with the ecliptic node in this house of your chart along with Jupiter, there could be a surprise in store for you. Basically, when you don’t push too hard there are surprise treasures that could be found!

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