Slow Beauty is the new Clean Beauty

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Shel Pink, Author of the book Slow Beauty and The Slow Beauty Journal online and Founder and visionary leader of SPARITUAL beauty brand says that “Slow beauty is a movement and a philosophy to help people develop a sustainable self-care practice grounded in nature, health and wellness which includes the use of multi-sensory products, tools and resources to support a joyful way of feeling and being in the world.”

We have never been more aware of what we are consuming and, more importantly, how we are consuming post the pandemic. The development of a new movement that emphasizes quality over quantity and forgoes short-term repairs in favor of long-term sustainable solutions in reaction to the fast-paced maelstrom of contemporary beauty is therefore rather unexpected. The slow beauty movement acts as a natural progression, promoting the conscientious mindset of its predecessor while also ingesting the ideas of slow living for mindfulness, even though the focus in recent years has been on clean beauty.

Give yourself the gift of Slow Beauty and Wellbeing from SaantéSelfcare, a homegrown brand born from the drive of reviving beauty rituals, using potent, natural formulas rooted in Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and Reiki. Saanté Selfcare’s products encourage one to indulge in therapeutic rituals.

We bring you some of Saanté’s most-loved wellness products:

Kansa Wand Facial Massage Tool: An ancient skincare tool used by Ayurvedic practitioners for over 5,000 years, this Kansa wand crafted from Kansa metal (an alloy of copper and tin), instantly depuffs, plumps, and firms skin, and over time, it can help reduce the appearance of fine lines alongside improving the texture of the skin. Price: AED 160

7 Chakra Balancing Spray: Embrace the power of aromatherapy at home or on the go with the Chakra Pillow & Room Spray blend. Made with 7 key essential oils, this signature blend has been carefully chosen to balance individual chakras creating inner harmony, balance and peace. Price: AED 95

Move Oil: Relieve muscle stiffness and pain or injuries such as muscle sprain and post-exercise strain with this oil. Growing pains, muscular cramps and upper and lower back pain and tension can also be relieved with regular use. Price: AED 135

Rose & Patchouli Candle: Rose oil helps to boosts self-esteem, confidence, and mental strength. Patchouli encourages and bonding between couples. The combination of the oils helps you switch of from the day for more intimate nights.

Jasmine Frangipani Candle: Jasmine elevates your mood and calms your mind. Frangipani relaxes your nerves and muscles. Price: AED 100

Saanté Selfcare is available to shop online

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