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We all know that snacking arises out of spontaneity and then once we indulge in it, it leads to guilt. So, how can you help yourself out of that snack box? Freakin Healthy is how you do it!

Snacking helps you avoid overeating and is also an effective way to add those extra nutrients in the diet that are missing in our daily diet.  Snacking also boosts the metabolism.

After months of research and development and hundreds of tastings around one of the most popular flavours in the market, Freakin’ Healthy®, the wholesome and clean snacking brand launched in 2018 to revolutionise the UAE’s snacking market and service the latest eating habit trends; healthy snacking is on the rise and consumers are turning to snacks with benefits that are not only healthier, but are also tasty. It’s a fine balance of healthy indulgence that Freakin’ Healthy® has mastered.  

Freakin’ Healthy® educates the consumer on what first-class, but also approachable snacking is about, specifically targeting those who have the intention to choose healthier options, but can be intimidated by the choices because they don’t understand them. All products combine great-tasting, naturally functioning ingredients and a very competitive price-point. From Superfood Bars to Protein Balls to Fruity Stars there are options for all ages, lifestyles and times of the day: post work out, nut free options for school runs or simply a mindful life on the move. Oh, and you would have never guessed that Freakin’ Healthy® is completely vegan, it’s that good.

What’s NOT in Freakin’ Healthy snacks:\NO: Wheat, dairy, refined Cane sugar, gluten, GMO, preservatives, artificial colours, flavouring, soy.

About Freakin’ Healthy®:  Founded by Roy Koyess, Freakin’ Healthy® products are manufactured and distributed by BMB. Freakin Healthy® is approachable and fun as well as delicious and energy-filled. The snack range provides options for all times of the day for kids, the gym bunny, the busy mummy and more. Snacks include: Superfood Bars, Nutrition Bars, Nutrition Bites, Vegan Chocolate, Raw Chocolate, Protein Balls, Snack Bars, Nut Butter Bites, Superfood Nutrition bars and Fruity Stars. Snack prices range from AED 5.00 – AED 16.50 and can be found in Spinneys, Carrefour, Waitrose, Amazon, Kibsons, Platform Gym, Barry’s Boot Camp, VOX Cinemas and many more.

For further details visit: or @freakinhealthyme

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