Strengthen Your Immunity With Yoga

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Flu season is here in full swing and with holidays around, its not the best time to fall sick. Actually, there’s never a good time to get sick as we juggle through life with multiple projects, jobs, kids and social gatherings. Having recovered from a bad bout myself, I’d say that the best way to restore your health is with plenty of rest. Give your body and mind a complete break when you’re sick.  There’s nothing like snuggling up in bed for a peaceful, healing afternoon nap. Sleep is a highly under-rated healer. In addition to boosting immunity, sleep provides a host of benefits, including improved memory performance, cellular regeneration and better mood. Stress has been shown to weaken the body, but can be managed by a regular yoga and meditation practice.

So whether you are recovering from the flu or avoiding it, Delna Mistry Anand tells us about a few key poses that will help boost your immunity this season.

Vipreet Karni Lie down close to a wall and lift your legs straight up against the wall. If your hamstrings are too tight, bend your knees and bring your seat away from the wall to allow your body to relax into this pose. The most relaxing pose to ground the nervous system, this one will boost immunity and keep stress at bay. You will feel a sense of calm and well being, as your body pumps oxygenated blood to your legs, reviving tired muscles from hours of sitting long hours.

Fish Pose Lie on your back with your legs extended and your arms resting alongside your body, palms down. Press your forearms and elbows into the floor and lift your chest to create an arch in your upper back. Lift your shoulder blades and upper torso off the floor. Tilt your head back and bring the crown of your head to the floor. Keep pressing through your hands and forearms. There should be very little weight pressing through your head. Hold for five breaths. To release the pose, press firmly through your forearms to slightly lift your head off the floor. Then exhale as you lower your torso and head to the floor. Draw your knees into your chest, and then extend your legs and rest.

Cobra Lie down on your stomach and place your palms at shoulder level. Press down through the tops of your feet and pull your chest forward as you soften your shoulders down and back. Use the power of your legs to hold your chest forward. Hold for 2 to 3 breaths as you deepen into the backbend. Cobra Pose will leave you feeling revitalized and will also provide a boost of energy after a long day of sitting in the same position. It stimulates the thymus, the organ that is responsible for the growth of T-cells, your body’s first response to the cold or flu.

Downward Dog Make sure heels are hip width apart and parallel to the floor. Press your fingers into the mat with equal weight on both hands, and keep your shoulders away from your ears. Relax your head and neck. Pull your abdominals towards your spine. If your hamstrings are too tight, reach your seat high toward the sky, and put a slight bend in your knees.

Hold this pose for eight breaths, then rest in child’s pose.
Downward Dog is a beautiful grounding pose when you feel overwhelmed. This pose increases your circulation yet still provides grounded energy. It also allows congested sinuses to drain.

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