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What is laundry sustainability? Sustainable laundry is not simply using cold water in wash cycles or low heat when drying; or switching to a more eco-friendly detergent type. It is much more than that!


Emirati adventurer, entrepreneur and mother of three, Elham Al Qasim is known around the world as the first Arab woman to reach the North Pole, is now on a mission to drive sustainability and provide UAE residents with a safer alternative to laundry services. 

Elham attempted an unassisted and unsupported expedition to the Geographic North Pole. During a three-week journey, Elham skied cross-country to the North Pole starting at 89 degrees latitude. As a result, she became the first Arab woman on April 23, 2010 to set foot on the North Pole and the first UAE national to undertake an unassisted unsupported expedition to the North Pole.

Since then, Elham has set on another mission to support the sustainability and eco-friendly movement; TNLC was born with an aim to offer UAE residents and businesses a natural biodegradable alternative to traditional toxic dry-cleaning. 

She has launched The Natural Laundry Company that is committed to their customer’s health as well as the environment. Using biodegradable solvents and a lot less water and energy, they even have a program for their hangers and how they deliver their clothes. They use zero plastic. Instead of delivering clothes in plastic bags and wire hangers, they use non-woven bags and velvet hangers which you can keep in your home or return to TNLC where they sanitize and reuse their hangers for future deliveries. 

They have an easy to use app which you can find for iOS and Android to set up a delivery and pick up date. 

The Natural Laundry Company is committed to the health of its customers as well as the environment. Dry-cleaning is a process that soaks garments in petroleum solvents which have been linked to long-term illnesses. The Natural Laundry company uses a process called wet-cleaning, an innovative technology that is revolutionising daily lives. The technique uses cold water and biodegradable solvents, replacing chemicals such as perchloroethylene which is found in traditional laundry services and has been proven to cause long-term illnesses such as kidney and liver disease, as well as cancer. 

“Many of the services or products we use daily are toxic or damaging to humans and the environment. Dry cleaning is one such service, with the most common solvent used in the process, PERC, identified as possibly cancer causing. As the mother of a child with a number of sensitivities, I am constantly looking for safer alternatives to anything he is exposed to and in the absence of options locally, I decided to create one”

“This is cutting-edge, green technology that will revolutionise a key component of our daily lives,” says, Danielle Wilson Naqvi, Managing Director, CSPR Group.

Visit: Location: Shop 2, Level 1 Reem Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 3 Dubai, UAE Contact: +971 58 965 8383, 04-3399363 | Download the app here:

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