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If you’ve found it difficult to stick to a fitness routine over the summer, with school holidays, family visits, work commitments and socialising; it is time to set new goals, and reset your nutrition and fitness regimes, says fitness coach Rachael Sacerdoti. And unlike January where there can be pressure to stick to a New Year’s Resolution, you can quietly get to work at your own pace.

Coach Rachael founded It’s So Simple, an online programme for the mind and body. Following her own transformation in 2019, losing 30kgs and now with a stronger body to be grateful for. Rachael observed the single most valuable change was her mind. With the realization of what an important and impactful role the mind has over our bodies, and the goals we want to achieve, Rachael (who has a degree in Psychology and is a qualified personal trainer) set about designing a transformation programme that combined the lessons she learned and the knowledge she gained. She now helps empower thousands of women all over the world.

To take back control after a busy summer, Rachael has been encouraging her clients, many of whom are based

in the UAE, to bear in the mind this advice:

Set an alarm: This isn’t to wake me up, but instead to block out a section of the day to commit to exercising. No excuses!

Stay hydrated: I fill up a 2-litre bottle of water first thing in the morning and I sip throughout the day to help keep me hydrated and alert.

Plan your meals ahead: The more I do this, the less likely I am to give in to temptation especially when I am hungry, plus it helps me keep on track with my food intake.

Be kind to yourself: Whether it’s better sleep, better health, or better fitness, think about your short term as well as your long-term goals. Change your mindset and say the positive points first!

Suitable for women of every age, size, and ability, It’s So Simple focuses on helping clients become better, healthier versions of themselves, inside and out. Offering life-changing results with its unique method, the programme is structured upon three pillars; fitness, nutrition, and most importantly accountability. Combining fitness and nutrition the programme becomes a sustainable way of life which will reverse your metabolic age and allow you to keep your results.

Ideal for anyone who is looking to create healthy, mindful habits when it comes to their mind and body, It’s So Simple positively changes the way you approach fitness, nutrition, and wellness. With a multitude of coaches available, all of whom have followed their own transformation journey, along with weekly workouts and recipes on the brand’s IG channel, this is the simple way to living a healthier, more fulfilling life. 
For more information, please visit the official website on https://itssosimple.co.uk or on Instagram @itssosimple_rs.

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