Taking care of your hair during the festive season

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During the festive season, our haircare routine goes out for a toss. Between house cleaning, shopping, and events we hardly get time to manage and care for our hair. Also, though the idea of washing hair and styling it daily sounds tempting, it can be damaging. But this also does not mean that we should not have a healthy hair care routine, says Dr. Abhishek Pilani, MD Dermatologist, Founder- Assure Clinic .

Below mentioned are some tips on how to maintain and care for your hair, especially during the festive season: 

Oiling: A good oil massage can solve most of your hair’s woes and make it look healthier and glossier. But there is no need to oil your hair every day, doing it once a week is a good start to embracing the goodness of oiling. Oiling has been proven to add life to your hair and restore lost moisture and shine. Moreover, massaging your scalp leads to better blood circulation and faster hair growth. 

Cleansing: Cleaning your scalp and hair is one of the most important aspects of a hair care routine. It helps you get rid of all the harmful product build-up on your scalp.  Hair products containing sulphates, paraben, and phthalates do a good job of giving you a clean scalp but, they also damage your hair. While it is advisable to switch to natural and organic hair products to protect your hair from damage, consult a dermatologist to know what works best for you. 

Styling: Avoid using heat-styling tools as they are harmful to your hair. Understandably, we tend to use such styling tools, especially during the festive season to be the best version of ourselves but, they damage as well as reduce the life of the hair. In case you cannot avoid using one, use a heat-protectant spray or leave-in conditioner before you even think about styling your hair. Moreover, do not use a heating tool while your hair is damp and always air dry your hair completely before you style.  

Eat right: Eating the right foods is essential for our overall health including the health of our hair. During the festive season, we tend to eat an excessive amount of sweets, drink, and consume unhealthy meals that impact our hair. Therefore, follow a healthy and nutritious diet rich in vitamins and minerals that will nourish your hair from within. Besides, add antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements such as curcumin, ginger piper, Q10, and vitamin C to your diet. Make sure your diet provides a mix of fatty fish, nuts, green leafy vegetables and colourful fruits to give you the necessary mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids to keep your hair healthy. 

The bottom line: Inculcate the above-mentioned tips in your haircare routine. It will help you keep your hair healthy even during the festive season. But, in case you feel your haircare routine is not working as effectively as it should, consult a dermatologist.

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