The Body Remembers!

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Our bodies remember emotional pain — quite literally. Our body, remembers everything. Sounds, smells, touches, tastes. The memory is held in your body, all the way down at the cellular level. Sarah Abdelal tells you more.

Pain …  a short word that is almost invisible yet so present and alive in each of our individual human stories.

If it is so present, then it must also be a blessing and a tool to realize the purpose of our existence.

We humans live on this plane of duality; where all opposites co-exist for the purpose to be experienced; and I am saying co-existing as they depend on each other’s existence to actually exist.

Like the light needs darkness to be experienced and pleasure needs pain to be valued!

As one of my great teachers Allan Watts said: “We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.

Pain and pleasure co-exist so they are equally important! And supposed to be equally blissful experiences!

The word pain comes from its latin origin “poena” which means: “suffering inflicted as punishment for an offence”.

Offending whom?

Offending ourselves!

Pain has many levels of depth. That normally starts on the emotional level or called our emotional body.

We come to this world by being forcefully pushed and squeezed through a narrow tunnel after being for 9 months in the most comfortable and embracing warm space we could ever encounter called the womb of our mothers! Many consider this in the world of energy healing as out first collective human trauma!

Then we grow older and observe that love is conditional, that others have expectations of us, that we need to feel worthy by consciously trying to add value.

That we can be betrayed, treated unfairly, abused, abandoned, and endure many more painful life encounters that are necessary for our soul growth, but inflict in us through time emotional scars.

The more experiences we are blessed with, the faster we evolve and wiser we become, growing into our ultimate truth and some of these will invoke discomfort.

But an emotional scar when not taken care of, transforms into an energetic imbalance.

And an energetic imbalance when not healed, manifests as a final warning wakeup call into a physical disease.

Disease as a word, is simply the combination of “Dis” and “ease” …… emotional and energetical Dis-ease.

But we humans through our story of evolution were programmed, not to focus on the emotional baggage we carry around, as emotions are not important and can be suppressed and buried silently!

By keeping our deepest emotions of suffering buried, year by year, a pool of hot lava takes shape in our emotional underworld that we prefer to deny, that eventually bursts into a volcano called a disease that cannot be hidden, but only accepted and acknowledged by force!

That’s the actual “poena “or punishment we impose on ourselves subconsciously, for our ignorance and cowardness to really deal with our emotions when we feel not in harmony and alignment.

Every single organ and part of our beautiful sacred body is a “space holder” of certain emotions.

Every part whispers beautifully to who is ready to hear …..

Examples of stored emotions in our organs are: The liver stores anger, jealousy, and envy; the kidney and bladder store fear, lungs store sadness and spleen and stomach anxiety and mistrust.

If these feelings like fear, sadness, anxiety, or jealousy are not dealt with and healed consciously they eventually manifest into a malfunction related to the associated organ.

When I studied about chakras I was impressed about how accurate minor chakras are connected with emotions and located in the simplest areas of our bodies.

Like our knees represent flexibility and ego. Our shoulders responsibilities. The little toe; focus and our hips; fear of dependency.

These are just few examples from a “spider net” of more than 40 minor chakras spreading all over our bodies; each one of them indicating if in pain; clearly which emotional areas of work and healing is needed.

Louise Hay has written a fantastic book called “You can heal your life” where she explains in depth how our thoughts have vibrations, which if negative, attract diseases. I really recommend reading this book as a quick reference guide for many mental -body diseases.

So my question is ….

Do we love ourselves enough to stop self-sabotaging our health and acknowledging fully our emotional scars?

Self-love is not only about creating healthy boundaries, taking care of our physical pleasures, and repeating positive affirmations.

Self-love is really diving deep into the world of our painful stories. Facing the most uncomfortable demonized thoughts that surface when we are betrayed, abandoned, and abused.

Really fully feeling the anger, the sadness the resentment because it is our human right!

Expressing that pain creatively and feely!

We are not born to be perfect and not to seem only strong!

Acknowledging them without judgment, allowing ourselves to see the bigger picture of what caused them and how we self-manifested them as co-creators to learn more about ourselves!

Our body is a miracle! Perfectly created to keep us healthy and happy if we only allow ourselves to be more conscious about the art of surrender and flow of emotions!

Like a river…. emotions can flow… sometimes they are pleasant and sometimes nasty! Suppressing them only blocks us from growing into more evolved beings!

So do yourself this favor!

Love yourself and all your emotions that are ready to flow through you abundantly to set yourself free!

About Sarah Abdelal:

“I am a passionate truth seeker …

Fascinated myself by inner work; I attended many workshops, spiritual courses, read every self -development book that could come into my path. Found mentors who showed me light in my own shadows and shamanic journeys that taught me, that we are all eternal beings!

I believe every single one of us is a healer, and my humble role is being a facilitator, by simply guiding others to connect to their own divine powers and capabilities to co-create their own realities. To find their voice, to shine their own truth and be fearless in seeking their ultimate “enlightenment”.

I am a certified Reiki, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Pranic Healing, Art Therapy, Metaphor Therapy practitioner, but what I am truly passionate about it is Clinical Hypnotherapy, Aura Photography and Shamanic Healing.

Currently living in Berlin, Germany I conduct private session and workshops. Face to face and online.

Other than that, I am a multidimensional being simply having like all of you a human experience. I am passionate about nature and have a special connection with animals. I love travelling, humour, culture, deep human connections, and mind-expanding experiences.

I genuinely trust that we are all here to experience joy, soul growth and harmony united in one beautiful story of humanity!”

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