The Creator of your Destiny: YOU!

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Have you ever accepted a gnawing health problem, an unhappy relationship, addictive habits, a toxic work environment or a stressful bank balance as your ‘destiny’? Have you ever felt stuck, unable to find a way out? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some guidance for navigating life when the going gets tough? Well, actually there is; it’s a simple tool to help clear energetic blocks in any area of your life, be it life purpose, money, career, health and relationships. It is called B&C Miracle Method which uses Pendulums. Delna Anand was curious to know more.


‘Downloaded from the Divine’ and developed by gifted healers Brenda Margerethh and Charu Mathur, this technique-based modality uses the pendulum as a divination tool. “Having studied a number of healing and spiritual modalities, Brenda and I knew that what people truly want are results – often, instantly,” says Charu. Feeling stuck or challenged in any area of your life, is a sure sign of an energetic block. Unable to identify this, many of us stay with this block, sometimes for the rest of our life unfortunately. But what we do not know is that these blocks can be cleared. Once they are, life flows, and a powerful manifestation energy is created. “After several years of intense study, trial and error, we devised a simple 3-step method that was easy to learn and accessible to anyone, with no prior healing experience required. Once we taught our first batch of students, an overwhelming succession of miracles unfurled in front of us, as well as for our students,” continued Charu. Originally named ‘Instant Healing Method’, it was their first few students who labelled it “miracle method” and thus ‘B&C Miracle Method’ was coined. The B&C Miracle Method is a twentyminute session, where specialized charts and a pendulum are used. Here, the pendulum is an important instrument that lets you access the treasures lurking in your subconscious mind, as well as the collective consciousness of our Universe. And the best thing is that you need not be psychic or intuitive to learn it. This is a techniquebased method, where you simply need to follow the given 3-step protocol. “In this extremely busy world of ours, people want to see definite results. We wanted to devise a modality that needs no prior meditative or spiritual background. We wanted a method that would open up a world of infinite possibilities,” says Brenda. “Our B&C Method is a tried and tested tool that can help to unfold all these possibilities, to release energetic blocks and change your destiny,” continues Brenda.


Destiny, as I had understood, was a concept in which predestination determines certain things in our life. It is an insanely popular mindset that things are going to happen in a certain way because the Higher Power wants it so, and we have little control over the events that unfold in our life. This often leads to a belief – ‘if you can’t change what is destined, why even try?”. We give into accepting whatever is, because we feel we cannot change the outcome. Whether this is right or not, is another debate for another day, but are we taking the easy way out by hiding behind this belief? “This disempowering and harmful way of thinking has been setting us up for a life of mediocrity, while within each of us lies the power to change the outcome of our future. Nothing is cut in stone and we have in front of us a world of new possibilities,“ believes Brenda. “After all, what is destiny? It is to be one with our Creator. And however you choose to do it, is the correct way,” she continues.


The B&C Miracle Method is open to all. Level 1 is a one-day workshop where you are given an overview and understanding of the modality, along with the tools to clear blocks in any area of your life. Level 2, a more intense course is all about releasing negativities (on your own energetic fields,  in your house, your office etc.). I did both levels in quick succession, and was ready to welcome miracles (in whichever form they wish to appear, big or small).


One of my dearest aunts had recently passed away, leaving something of immense emotional value for my sister and I. It had already been a few months that the parcel hadn’t reached us and it seemed inappropriate to follow up with the bereaved family. Just a few weeks since I had completed the Miracle Method training, my sister casually asked if the method would work for something like this. I gave it a try, clearing all blocks to receiving the parcel soon. Within the very same day, we got the call! And a few days later, we received the precious gift from our beloved aunt – which will remain ever so special to us. Another miracle unfolded for a B&C practitioner whose friend was rushed in to Intensive Care for a lung infection, and was on a ventilator. The B&C practitioner followed the 20-minute protocol and worked on it two days in a row. On the second day, the patient was out of ventilator and much to everyone’s surprise, discharged the following day. A Dubai based lady, who had been suffering from psoriasis flare-ups on the scalp for several years, learnt the method and started healing herself. Within one week, she saw no more traces of the flare ups and it has not recurred since then. During my training, a fellow student had a sore back. Charu did a clearing for her, and she was instantly out of pain. “It is faster than a Panadol!” jokes Brenda. These are some of the happy outcomes for those who decided that there is no need to suffer any more. There are many more success stories of this valuable teaching. It is true, we have no control over what the world does to us, over the various forces in the universe. But we have all the control over ourselves and our mind. As it has been famously quoted, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” And the one who controls himself, effectively controls the universe. Destiny is all ours to shape.


The founders of the B&C Method – Brenda and Charu are committed to teaching and empowering individuals to access their own inner healing abilities and lead a fulfilling life with love, joy and blessings. Brenda Margerethh is a natural born healer and has the ability to tap into the consciousness to get answers to bring about deep healing, manifestation and transformation. Charu Mathur is a trained Holistic Healing practitioner who has expertise in a variety of healing modalities, which she has practiced over the past years. They offer other spiritual courses as well, such as Soul Art, Reiki, Akashic Records Reading, Make Your Own Herbal Remedy, Vortex Alignment and more. For more information or to book a session with Brenda and Charu, please visit:

Delna Anand teaches meditation for the modern mind, integrating techniques for mindfulness-based stress reduction, spiritual guidance and more. Using a combination of  healing modalities along with traditional practices of yoga, meditation and pranayama,  she leads people to reconnect with their inner wisdom and bring about their own spiritual healing in a deep and profound way. Delna is a certified hatha yoga and meditation teacher, sound healing practitioner, Reiki master, regression therapist and a gifted intuitive mentor. She can be contacted for readings and spiritual guidance online,  as well as for personal appointments on

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