The Descending Voyage of Manifesting

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Sarah Abdelal delves into the question of our human voyage …………

Why are we here? What is our purpose on this planet? What is our real calling as individuals and as the collective!

The answer is one and only, for all!

To fully express ourselves! Each one of us individually to create collectively.

And what more magical way to express ourselves, than using our most blessed gift!

The capability to co-create, to manifest our deepest desires and wishes. Only to experience our best versions in all their possible dimensional layers!

These are not some lines I have copied from a fairy tale book. But the interpretation of many verses in sacred books and scripts, that most of us just overread, by focusing on the words that gave us the taste of limitation!

As the truth is! We are all so majestically powerful!

But this truth is also anchored in fear, as it is accompanied by a huge sense of responsibility! When the magician performs, the whole audience is “impacted”!

The same applies! When we co-create …. It generates a ripple effect! That expands into this timeline and many others, explosively ignited through a simple thought!

Therefore, our thoughts are the most powerful aspects of us! We and only we humans have the capacity to “dream” about what we wish to explore in the future!

Which means the gift of tapping into future was solely given to us humans amongst all other living beings on this plane called earth!

The critical aspect of this whole game of manifestation is, that we mostly have thoughts that are not conscious! Creating unconsciously a realty, a future that does not fulfill our desires but instead generates repetitive experiences that are based on old unconscious limiting beliefs!

And these limiting beliefs are mostly in coherence with the fact that we need to create a safe future instead of a joyful, healthy, and positively overwhelming one!

Our true power, is by staying as conscious as possible, having a high sense of awareness, as then our mindful thoughts can create intentional manifestations, leaving no chance for randomness to come in between!

So now the next question!

Has a conscious manifestation process a structure? Yes, like everything else in this universe! Everything is perfectly orchestrated based on very accurate universal laws and equations!

Let me take you here on a simplified journey of this equation:

It all starts with a thought! Thoughts reside in the non-material, unmanifested womb of the universe ready to be channeled!

To tap into this ocean of limitlessness, we all use our crown chakra. An energy center located few inches above our heads that I interpret as being our “divine Wi-Fi” antenna.

This energy, activated, affirms the first magic spell “I UNDERSTAND “.

This is the first and a very significant part of our manifestation game, as the more we really understand what we want, the easier it is to tap into that possibility in the energy plane.

Metaphorically it is the same as: the better and more precise keywords one uses in a google search, the more precise the search engine will provide us with our needed information of our research!

After understanding what we wish to co-create we need to “see” it clearly. Transmuting it from a pure thought energy to fifth dimensional reality. Means an idea, which we can imagine in its shape, color, texture etc.….

Applying the mantra “I SEE”, witnessing the idea with our third eye that simply is called imagination.

The more details we can “see” with our inner vision, the better this third eye vortex can get into action and releasing our desire to its next stage of materialization.

Thereafter, when things become clear in the third eye, the manifestation channeling energy is ready to descend to the sacred ultimate chakra of truth, our throat chakra.

There, our desires are ready for the first time to be loudly affirmed and shared with the world. Moving from subtle energy into sound energy! The first third dimensional energy of all creation and all that is!

Where sound can travel with the affirmation “I SPEAK “into the physical world, voyaging and combining all elements needed to push our longing further into its desired potential.

Once ours wants are clearly expressed, the heart chakra starts to feel excited and activates a blissful energy of “I LOVE”.

Holding space for the statement: I love myself and therefore I co-create.

Everything and everyone is born from a “vessel” of pure love energy. The heart chakra playing this role gracefully during this descending journey .

And because love needs to be expressed in actions, here jumps the solar plexus with readiness. Using its fire of transformation by affirming confidently “I DO”. A marriage celebration where the energy world agrees to marry and unite with the physical world.

Now the idea is almost fully created, solidifying, lower and heavier in vibration.

Where we can almost touch it, smell it, feel it.

And this is where the sacral chakra affirms, “I FEEL”.

What we could feel before emotionally and energetically, can now even be pleasurably felt physically through our senses. Making us like little children even more excited to encounter it fully. Here also comes the creative part with the cleansing water element of this sacral chakra that even more details could be added to amplify our five sensory experiences!

And once we are ready to fully embody our magic into this raw third dimensional existence, then comes the most vital part of the manifestation process.!

With the most powerful affirmation ever … two simple words … that created and is still creating the whole universe right now “I AM “.

“I AM” means we are honoring that our creation is an extension of us, a part of us that through us, has been gifted prospect to exist!

Where the root chakra with its earth element forms the final manifested “invention” in this third dimensional plane. Grounding the higher channeled energy deep into mother earth for it to come to life.

The grounding part is the most essential part of this descension journey that many disregard and then wonder why their manifestations are not coming into fruition!

The fruits are on the tree and the tree needs deep roots to access all that is needed to bare and nourish the fruits. It is the same with our magic game!

So close your eyes, tap into the candy shop of unlimited unmanifested candies.

And descend step by step by understanding, seeing, speaking, loving, doing, feeling and BEING IT! Embody your blessing of being a Magician! The world is waiting for your magic!

About Sarah:

Sarah Abdelal is a nature and animal lover and regards them as being her true teachers. Currently living in Berlin, Germany.

By profession she is a healing facilitator using a combination of different healing modalities like Hypnotherapy, NLP, Metaphor and Art Therapy, Aura and Chakras Photography & Intuitive and Shamanic healing.

She truly beliefs that we humans are privileged to be on this earthly dimension and helps others to see through their veils of illusions. Alternating limiting perception, one at a time to ease this journey of life.

She holds space for workshops, retreats and one to one session that are always filled with laughter and lightness, as humor is a scared medicine!

Contact:, +49 152 260 97 888

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