The Future of Wellness

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Technogym has a long history of working with the top architects and designers to create intuitive wellness environments with intelligent Italian design. The company continues to lead the fitness industry with their series of Technogym Conversations all around the world. Kristina Zanic spoke at Technogym Dubai about future health trends in design, especially as they apply to at-home exercise.

TechoGym is a global Italian company supplying gym equipment for hotels to home, sports centres and schools.  For more than 30 years TechnoGym have been at the forefront of research in innovation with the collaborations of many athletes, designers and sports people to provide the best in worldwide biometric and ergonomic, reliable solutions for all levels of fitness.  The potential for more freedom within the wellness industry has been recognized, even more so since the pandemic.  People are now taking fitness and general well-being more seriously and are safeguarding their health by adding more home environment gyms.  Thanks to the connectivity and data of training apps, it has never been easier to have the ability to get fit in one’s home. 

Kristina Zanic is a world leading interior designer who incorporates Asian influences into her designs with in homes in the Middle East.  With eye catching designs that deliver on what is attractive as well as what is functional.  This functionality is what has been able to marry TechoGym and Kristina’s designs into a cohesive form in a fusion of details on how to make a space feel joyful; bridging the gap between design and wellness. 

Kristina feels that this is achieved by adding sustainable materials into a gym space to make a difference to the way the vibe of working out can feel connected.  The use of light, art and even sculpture can all influence the circadian rhythms of the body which can promote wellness and relaxation.  Feng Shui plays a part in the building of a gym to make sure the flow of energy can be palpable within a workout.  The connection between indoor and outdoor is important, especially if the gym is in a home environment.  Furthermore, plants are added to a place to create a digital detox adding harmony as well as incorporating lighting features and music.

With corporate wellness on the rise, companies are also investing in the health of their employees.  Many positive results from the ability to be able to exercise with in a workspace and the design of gyms are being blended into dedicated areas.  The multifunctionality of compact benches and functional training is perfect for the widest variety of exercise for spaces with the smallest footprint. 

In the pursuit of a healthy life style TechoGym’s philosophy is to combine the best of gym equipment and design to add value to home spaces, to promote physical and mental balance for better training.  To take advantage of a more comfortable atmosphere the approach is now to bring in spatial organisation with high level design.  Collaborating closely with clients to achieve a coherent and decorative identity with the added reliability of TechoGyms products for the optimum in futuristic, exclusive and unique design concepts.

By: Melanie Gordon.

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