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Sarah Abdelal tells us a story – a story about the the journey of a soul. A soul that is YOU and ME and us all! We are all traveling through time and space, engaged in a long journey of return and in this life and beyond, this journey continues. It is a journey of Separation and return. It is a journey towards a greater experience of your purpose and your destiny…

Once upon a time …

There was a very brave soul that was waiting with excitement but also with a lot of anticipation in a very special waiting room.

A room that has its own mystery as it is a multidimensional one. A room that every soul visits, once ready to reincarnate into a dimension that has more learnings for it.

One of these possible dimensions is called earth. It is just one of the many dimensional schools that every soul has the choice, “yes I need to empathize on the word choice “to visit, repeatedly, to gain experience and learn from, on this journey of exploration towards enlightenment or in our new age dictionary called nirvana!

It was waiting and observing a lot of chaos. Guardian Angels, Ascendant Masters, and beings of light trying to put some order and organize all that was needed for these individual soul journeys to be smooth and done in line with the right universal laws applied!

So let me give this one special soul a name, just to make the story cuter! Let me call it Jamie!

Jamie was observing, as it was asked by the guardians of that transit space to wait patiently!

What it saw was an indescribable number of souls, all looking like itself, what could be described in the easiest way for us human beings to imagine with ease, in the shape of a sperm or rain drop. Light in weight and light in color!

Each one of them representing a soul that was ready to reincarnate with the purpose to learn and to teach! As these two roles are inseparable!

In near distance was also a dome made of some transparent material that could seem like glass in our human world and far under this dome was visible a beautiful, majestic blue planet.

There were many other glass domes all over the “waiting room” which in reality was an endless platform ……

Under each dome there was, a planet or a dimension into which a soul could transcend, each representing a school like experience!

Each one with certain qualities but also limitations. As it was through mainly the chosen limitations that the soul would grow “wiser”.

Some of these so-called schools do not have colors, some others no gravity, some others nothing to feel and some others nothing to dream about!

But here Jamie was witnessing most souls floating over the dome that was focused on planet earth!

They were not even floating but almost competitively fighting to get access! And all the guardians of light impatiently were looking at each other with a bit of irritation, trying to organize the “flow”!

Jamie curiously approached one of the seemingly relaxed looking guides and asked with an innocent smile, why so many of the souls were eager to access this blue planet while disregarding most of the other dimensional schools!

The guide with a loving sight, carried Jamie close to his mouth and started to whisper to it a secret.

He explained that this blue planet was the best possible school for learning student souls, as it was the only plane where learning is also accompanied with lots of fun and pleasure!

Pleasure to smell, to see, to touch, to hear, to taste, to feel and most importantly to co-create! Where the only limitation was the physical body, but that in exchange was also capable to invite lots of pleasure through the mentioned senses!

A school, where in spite of certain limitations, a soul’s evolution was possible in an accelerated rate in multidimensional levels at the same time to reach eventually every soul’s desire, what we call enlightenment.

Jamie was so excited with this good news and possibility to choose for itself.

This is when the kind and nurturing guide added, that in each story of theses souls wanting to enroll in earth’s school, the main subject is love. As this planet is a dimension of duality, and love here is experienced in many fragmented possible ways.

Love to give but also love to take, love to help but also love to hinder, love to give birth but also love to kill.

A tricky space that involves all contradictions and dualities at the same time. A space where all is important to be experienced and not judged. A space where the more we experience pleasure the more we experience pain (As Allan Watts once said!)

Little Soul Jamie shrank with doubtful eyes, about its so sure decision one minute ago, to join the earth “spaceship”!

The loving guide, while planting a comforting kiss on its cheek, told him: And it is all worth it!  

Don’t you see! All these souls coming to regain access to that plane, they all have been there before and all they can remember is the growth they attained that involved lots of fun!

Little Jamie was set free again as the guide had to join some other guides to create some energetic healing vortexes.

It gathered its strength and its inner excitement to join his fellow souls wanting to access this blue “party “planet!

It floated gracefully towards the registration desk to receive an access card and spiritual permission to mother earth.

Here it was asked through a simulation screen something that looked like our human iPad to choose a body, family members, nationality, certain qualities, shadows, tools to learn and express love, pets, and of course a soul purpose!

All of it was easy as it was almost intuitive!

When all the “data” was well programmed and transported to be manifested into the energy world, little Jamie was taken gently by its invisible hand and guided towards the most prominent dome of this waiting room!

All the other souls were clapping with encouragement and excitement.

Jamie was just in front of this dome looking at this magical planet blue in color and pink in energy!

Its little heart was pounding as it knew once it crosses over, there is no return until its soul- purpose is fulfilled!

But it was happy of its choice and nodded its head in approval to the guide who in return with one finger snap created a little opening in the dome, giving access to a one-seater cart of a huge rollercoaster that would bring little Jamie to earth.

Jamie sat, took a deep breath, smiled back at the guide, waived to the other souls, and closed its eyes descending into our third dimensional world with lots of gratitude flooding its whole being and curiosity for a new journey to begin!

Jamie is you and Jamie is me! And we are all just reflections of Jamie and reflections of each other. Choosing over and over this plane and many other dimensions of schools only to attain together inseparably enlightenment which basically is the ultimate truth of this universe through our collective expression of oneness.

Let us keep smiling and keep trying! And may we all not forget how much fun we can have while growing on this very exclusive party plane called earth!

About Sarah:

Sarah Abdelal is a nature and animal lover and regards them as being her true teachers. Currently living in Berlin, Germany.

By profession she is a healing facilitator using a combination of different healing modalities like Hypnotherapy, NLP, Metaphor and Art Therapy, Aura and Chakras Photography & Intuitive and Shamanic healing.

She truly beliefs that we humans are privileged to be on this earthly dimension and helps others to see through their veils of illusions. Alternating limiting perception, one at a time to ease this journey of life.

She holds space for workshops, retreats and one to one session that are always filled with laughter and lightness, as humor is a scared medicine!

Contact:, +49 152 260 97 888

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