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There are few places in the world where you can still feel like a true explorer charting the unknown. AlUla, the world’s masterpiece which aims to attract two million visitors by 2035, is home to Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, deep in the desert in the northwestern region of the country. Ancient tombs that remain as the legacy of 7,000 years of human civilisation, stunning natural rock formations and canyons, a plethora of adventure sports options and cutting-edge art installations — AlUla gives you plenty of space and time for reflection with the monumentality of its beautiful desert landscapes.

AlUla has unveiled a complete suite of experiences for the summer holidays with special flight and accommodation offers and inclusive packages making the ancient desert city an exciting and enticing destination for the Eid break and summer months.

With some epic experiences to be put on everyone’s bucket-list, visitors are invited to discover AlUla’s untold stories and create a lifetime of memories of their own.  

Whether it’s enjoying the unique landscapes, the stunning nature parks, or the iconic landmarks of 200 thousand years of history in the open-air museum – this summer AlUla offers full immersion or total relaxation.

Cooler temperatures, no humidity and the shade of the lush oasis mean AlUla is the perfect getaway from the heat of the city. Mornings and evenings are pleasantly cool meaning visitors will be able to pack in as much or as little activity as desired.

Habitas AlUla Resort and Caravan by Habitas will be around 30% less during the summer months with special rates (Valley Caravans from SAR 999 and Oasis Caravans from SAR 1,375). Shaden Resort offers rooms starting from 799 SAR (783 AED) per night, while Ashar Tented Resort offers a luxury experience with special discounted rates for the summer. Fully inclusive packages by the different tour operators include accommodation, tours and transport making it super easy to book.

Flydubai is offering two weekly flights direct from Dubai into AlUla, while the flight and accommodation packages starting from 3,363 AED.

From the thrilling zipline, new abseiling and rock-climbing experiences at the Adventure Hub to a relaxing afternoon by the pool or in the lush haven of 2.3 million date palms and plenty of dining and shopping options – there is no excuse to delay your Untold Summer adventure in AlUla.

AlUla’s Zipline

AlUla’s famous Zipline comes on the top of the summer activities’ list; with a new extension that has just been added this year to make this zipline the longest and fastest of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

Whether you are an adrenaline seeker or just looking for your next adventure, the ziplines is ‘a must-do’ when visiting AlUla; the Kingdom’s most thrilling experience on Harrat mountain.

Via Ferrata

With Via Ferrata, adventurers can test their limits on an aerial challenge up a 200-metre cliff and suspended obstacles which make up the route of this high challenging activity. A safety system allows participants to move on ladders and bridge elements while keeping safe and entertained along the route.

Helicopter Tour

An exhilarating 30-minute Helicopter flight, with your captain and personal guide to experience AlUla’s seven most famous landmarks such as Elephant Rock and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra.


Enjoy the warmth of a balmy summer evening out in the desert of other-worldly Gharameel. Sit back and relax as your guide offers insights and stories about the galaxies and constellations. The experience is inclusive of transport and a Bedouin style traditional dinner.


The adrenaline rush of abseiling of AlUla’s magnificent mountain landscapes is not- to-be-missed activity. Abseiling in AlUla is for experienced climbers and non-climbers alike.  Participants who take part in this adventure are secured in a harness, helmet, and gloves and accompanied by an expert guide to ensure their safety.

Vintage Land Rover Day Tour

A journey through the majestic landscape of AlUla; this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for visitors to cruse the ancient Nabataeans desert at Hegra in a renovated vintage Land Rover and observe the secret ceremonial chambers and the 110 remarkably well-preserved tombs carved into the sandstone mountains.

UTV Buggy Tours

An unforgettable UTV buggy experience is nothing short of a wild ride. A great opportunity for visitors to see a new side of AlUla as they race across the golden desert and over the high sand dunes.

The Ridge Walk

A 4-km trek offering a daily tour, The Ridge Walk Hike is a relatively easy hiking experience for families looking for a little adventure. The guided nature trip will immerse the participants in the desert environment, marked by awe-inspiring views of AlUla’s stunning landscape.

Heritage Oasis Trails

This popular 3km walking track takes visitors from the Orange Path to the Dadan Visitor Centre. Under the cooling shade of the palm trees lining the route which passes the ruins of summer farms, visitors should stop in at the ‘swing park’ and breathe in the aroma of mint bushes and orange trees.

Cycling AlUla

Book a cycling tour through the canyons and mountains on special desert bikes or hire a bike at the new AlUla Bike Hub and explore the new 26km specially designated bike path along one of AlUla’s most scenic road. The Bike Hub also offers a café with drinks and refreshments to keep you refueled for your ride.

Heritage Sites

An absolute must for anyone visiting for the first, second or third time – AlUla’s heritage sites from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra, to Dadan and Jabal Ikmah or AlUla Old Town provides a unique experience each and every time you visit with different rawis’ offering different perspectives on the deep and rich stories from each era. More availability and less crowds during summer mean you will get these sites to yourself.

For more details on AlUla’s 2022 Summer Activities visit; https://www.experiencealula.com/

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