Veganuary hits Arab shores

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While Arabic food is known for its meat-based dishes, kebabs, mandi et al, head to Majlis Al Sultan to get a taste of some incredible vegan food, says Ipshita Sharma.

This month, Majlis Al Sultan invites all vegans and plant-based food enthusiasts to indulge in the speciality Veganuary menu.

Majlis Al Sultan has three outlets all over Dubai and specializes in food from all over the Middle East, with a few modern touches. This Veganuary 2023, vegans can indulge in the award-winning restaurant’s menu with several kinds of meat alternatives and vegetarian meals.

Middle Eastern cuisine has always been rich in vegetable-forward dishes such as Quinoa Tabbouleh, traditional creamy Hummus, Baba Ganouj, Fattoush Salad, Foul Medames (Fava Bean Dip), Falafel and so much more. But now, in addition to these favourites, MAS will have a special Veganuary menu including vegan versions of authentic dishes such as Veggie Maqlouba, Lebanese Loubyeh b’zeit (Green Bean Stew), Fatayer (Spinach Pies), Vegan Kofte, Raw Pistachio Baklava, and more.

When we read about this, we knew this was unmissable! So off we went to their Me’aisem City Center to try out what was on offer. This location has indoor seating and outdoor smoking area as well with great combos available for lunch and sheesha.

The fantastic service started right from the outset with everyone being super kind and sweet. We are initially brought out an incredible bird cage that looks like something out of a Harrods afternoon tea service! It is full to the brim with various kinds of salads and hummous; there is also many other kinds of mezze like baba ghanouj, muhammara etc on fresh bread and topped with fresh fruit. There is also a lot of avocado and olive oil with bread. We also get a separate bread basket and some focaccia with zaatar and a freshly made tomato sauce on the side.

While we were filling up on this, our attention was suddenly diverted to our server bringing over a massive plate of tomato pasta with eggplant, a huge pizza with mushroom, aubergine and capsicum and the piece de resistance – Mujadara which is a classic Arabic recipe featuring cooked lentils and rice, caramelized onions and herbs. Traditionally served with yoghurt, keeping it vegan it was served with a tomato and onion chutney.

Mujadara is traditionally a rural dish but the flavours are just so incredible, warm and comforting that it could be an homegrown plate of food that came from anywhere in the world. The presentation is simple and just full of joy.

We also get a few drinks – a hibiscus soda, a green antioxidant drink that was full of yummy goodness and a strawberry mojito. All of these came with the option of being healthier with sugar alternatives available.

Overall, each dish was a hit! The mezze was not only delicious but also a treat for the eyes. The pasta was al dente and cooked just right. The pizza did have a beautiful crust but the base did leave a little to be desired. However the Mujadara was delicious in everyway and rounded off the incredible meal on a huge high.

We hardly ever give such high compliments, but this is one time, we would highly recommend a visit either for the vegan highlights this month, their sheesha or their usual menu. Let us know if you head there and do let us know what you think!

Good – The food is delicious and well-made with a lot of attention to detail

Bad – The pizza isn’t up to scratch, but everything else more than makes up for it

Trendy – They have amazing vegan options available all through this month that need to be tried out!

Location: Majlis Al Sultan – Al Ferdous 3, Al Wasl Road & City Center Me’aisem

Date & Timing: Every day in January – 8 AM to 1 AM

Pricing: Starting from AED 22

To book, visit @majlisalsultan or call + (971) 4 334 1888 or + (971) 4 7701451

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