Ways Positive Communication Can Help your Fitness Journey

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Known for training some of the biggest celebrities and influencers in the region, transformation expert and celebrity trainer, Yasir Khan, believes that fitness doesn’t solely aim at the physical body, it also includes emotional and social well-being and when combined, these areas enable a person to live their best life to its happiest and fullest.  

The body achieves what the mind conceives – a positive self-talk always aligns your actions with your goals and allows you to push your limits on days when motivation is not enough.

A very simple point we often forget while doing any task, including fitness, is that a positive mindset, and proper self-reinforcement, gives you the ability to have a better performance rhythm throughout the day. 

By keeping a positive mindset when training, you learn to not only focus on the weighing scale but to also see the overall progress you’re making in your journey. A successful transformation journey entails creating a positive lifestyle, choosing better habits, and developing strengths that allowing you to perform better each day. 

Ways Positive Communication Can Help Your and Others’ Fitness Journey 

  • Be on their team: Use words like we, us, we’re, our, and ourselves to instantly build a bond that instill confidence to overcome any obstacle. 
  • Encouragement: Give yourself encouragement whenever you can. You are a role model and an inspiration, and your opinion definitely matters! Convince oneself that you can surpass any problems and limitations. This pep talk can also be reflected on others, creating a positive atmosphere that allows them to look forward to having you as a person to talk to.
  • Positive Energy: Generally, people want to be around those who lift them up and will naturally gravitate towards you if you display a high energy level. Consistently indicate this with your voice and your body language to maximise enthusiasm.

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