What’s your Yoga Horoscope?

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Yoga and astrology are intimately linked. Subtle energies of an individual are influenced by relationships between stars and planets. And your yoga practice is no exception. Ekaterina Tuvaeva makes use of some cosmic wisdom to see how your horoscope sign affects it.


When in a yoga studio Aries most probably keeps a friend company or balances his usual high impact workout routine. This sign finds sitting still excruciating – he makes energy by spending it, thus the love for cardio. Bold, adventurous and hot-blooded Aries will rather spend his time skydiving, mountain biking or boxing. If he does however get attracted to yoga, it’ll be physically demanding power yoga, ashtanga or bikram.


If there is a zodiac sign ideally suited for yoga, it’s Taurus. Patient, persistent and grounded he sits still through meditation, when others fidget about. Taurus prefers his yoga to be predictable, set sequences of ashtanga, bikram and sivananda attract him. This sign values comfort like no other. Spacious studio, fresh towels and hot herbal tea at the reception contribute a great deal to his yoga experience.


Agile and curious Gemini avoids stale routine at all costs. He’ll try to check out every studio in town, every style of yoga offered, included chocolate or beer yoga. Since Gemini gets bored easily, freestyle Vinyasa flow with a room for creativity and unconventional moves will keep his interest. This zodiac sing finds it really difficult to stay focused, that’s why meditation is one serious challenge. Intellectual Gemini needs his mind to be stimulated constantly. For that reason he often avidly reads on yoga anatomy, philosophy or other related subjects. 


Cancer naturally gravitates to yoga. He’s disciplined enough to set up home practice, though enjoys group classes just the same. His perseverance and durability can take him far to the advance level. Yet he likes gentle approach of hatha yoga. Practices of yin yoga and meditation are very beneficial to sensitive Cancer. He tends to dwell on the past, especially if his present doesn’t seem ideal. Working out emotions somatically through yin yoga and staying present through meditation will improve Cancer’s overall wellbeing dramatically.


As long as there’s a chance to shine, Leo’s in! At the front of the class, in the coolest yoga pants. Highly competitive, in good physical shape, he loves to sweat. Bikram, ashtanga and power yoga are among his favorites. Though, creatively expressive as he is, Leo might feel bored with set sequences of particular yoga styles. He enjoys outdoor activities often taking his yoga mat outside. Leo’s motivation is of a very healthy nature. If he commits to yoga, it is not to impress anyone (because Leo believes everyone is already impressed by him:), but for Leo himself personally. Between his bouts of incredible laziness, during a period of consistent practice, Leo achieves quick results. 


Organized and ritualistic Virgo doesn’t see routine as a negative word. Order rules her life, and yoga practice is no exception. She goes to the same studio, to see the same teacher and to stand in the same spot, getting there a little earlier with her bottle of water, towel and a clean mat. Efficient and methodical, Virgo loves incredible refinement of ashtanga and alignment focus of Iyengar yoga. She’s hardworking enough to become one of the best students in the class. At the same time meticulousness, typical for this zodiac sing, might hinder her progress, as Virgo will polish the pose she works on currently, until in her mind it’s perfect. 


For Libra balance isn’t just something nice to reach in life one day, but rather a pivotal element of her universe. Since yoga is all about balance and doesn’t always require intense efforts, Libra loves it. This zodiac sign differs with her ability to keenly feel the harmony, her refined nature is especially attracted by the beauty of physical body. On the mat Libra is supple, graceful and elegant. Because Libra is such a social butterfly, she likes yoga’s communal component. She enjoys partners work in a yoga class. Among other favorites are acro- and aerial yoga. Finding a yoga buddy keeps her motivated and on track. 


Ambitious Scorpio rolls out the mat not so much to relax, but to achieve yet another goal he set for himself. Tenacious and driven, with great stamina and unbreakable will he likes extreme physical challenge, where he can push himself and have that competitive edge. Empowering workouts help him feel invigorated. He likes his yoga tough and sweaty. Not only Scorpio doesn’t do anything half way, he tends to be obsessive, often loading up already intense routine. If he doesn’t learn how to curb his drive, he might end up injured. Scorpio is capable of achieving high levels of concentration, what makes meditation a great accessible tool for this zodiac sign. It serves Scorpio as an outlet for aggressiveness, enables him to manage stress and complexity. Often a loner, Scorpio enjoys private yoga sessions, where he practices according to his needs and possibilities.


Human intelligence and animal strength, Sagittarius was meant for active sports. Yoga is rare his primary workout. Restless and curious he tries his hand at various sports with fever and passion. Yet yoga can help Sagittarius in balancing his competitive nature by teaching him to seek personal results and grow over them. Compete with others, become bitter. Compete with yourself, become better. Sagittarius might take part in a teacher training not to become a yoga teacher, but to quench his burning desire for new knowledge. There’s hardly anything in this life that Sagittarius loves more than travelling. That makes yoga retreats very appealing to this zodiac sign. When in the midst of Nature, working out outdoors, his free spirit soars.


Practical Capricorn needs to see the fruits of his efforts, and yoga is no exception. Instead of losing himself in a flow he’s constantly analyzing the progress. Structured and disciplined, this zodiac sign doesn’t mind routine. It gives him a sense of achievement. For that reason he rarely experiments, but sticks to a particular class with the same teacher. Capricorn’s talent lies in endurance and dedication. As long as he sees a clear goal, he can become brilliant in virtually everything. But it’s motivation that Capricorn often has issues with. Thick-skinned both with others and himself he tends to ignore physical pain for a long time, until an injury will require seeing a doctor. Through yoga this tough cookie cultivates much needed body awareness. Tired old “listen to your body” cue is particularly relevant to him. For all too serious Capricorn laughter yoga can be a great way to lay back. 


Always on the crest of a wave, lots of Aquarians started practicing yoga long before it became pop. This yoga flirt dabbles with different styles and teachers, interested in the hot new thing. Born rebel and innovator, Aquarius uses innate creativity to bring new tricks into his yoga practice, modifying poses and sequences. This zodiac sign is quite consistent with home practice. Especially if there’s a terrace or a garden in the house – air is his element. For Aquarius intellectual stimulation is no less important than physical challenge. Philosophical part of yoga sparks the interest. Independent thinker, he’s drawn to unconventional yoga styles, like kundalini yoga. Breaking through internal barriers, releasing the dormant energy residing within, tapping into higher level of self-awareness – that all resonate with the free spirit of Aquarius.


Not being too much into sports in general, Pisceans find perfect workout in yoga. Their focus on inner journey adds to this choice. Gentle by nature, they prefer slow-paced hatha/ vinyasa flows and yin. When moving through postures, Pisces are thoughtful, fluid and sensual. Good imagination allows Pisceans benefit from guided meditation. It also helps their sensitive nervous system to calm anxiety. This zodiac sign lacks self-discipline. Getting a time limited classes package or having a yoga-buddy helps them to stay consistent with the practice. Following natural pull of water Pisceans enjoy aqua yoga (practicing traditional poses in a pool), or yoga classes on standup paddle board. 

A lifelong lover of both movement and learning, Ekaterina Tuvaeva is always in a quest for better ways to help her students to live better in their bodies. In her yoga classes she combines different movement modalities and insights from all walks of live.

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