Why should you exercise?

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Need motivation to exercise? Nora Hameidani, Founder Barre Effect helps us remember our ‘why’! She gives us top tips for finding the energy and incentive to exercise and finding the joy in the activity, so getting it done no longer feels like a chore.

How do you define your Why of wanting to exercise?

Exercise helps me to feel energized – moving and sweating releases endorphins, and is a natural way to gain energy. With that comes an improved mood. I also find exercise gives me an hour break from ‘the day’ – I call it ‘moving meditation’. With barre especially, you are focusing on your form and need to be present to do the technique properly. So you switch off from everything else. But ultimately, I find it fun! The music, the energy in the room.  Barre Effect is a warm, inviting environment where the clients have come to know each other so it is fun to see your peers and motivate one another to work hard together. 

How do you get motivated to begin?

I start with having a goal in mind, whether to be stronger, healthier, leaner, or all of those. When you keep your goals in mind it motivates you to get going. And I just don’t give myself an option. Even if I’m tired or not feeling motivated to, I know I will feel so much better afterwards. Our energy and mood is different every day, so I say to just come in and do your best and know that any kind of movement is better than nothing – and definitely better than not showing up!

What advice can you give to help people stick to a routine?

I will be honest – it will feel forced and like work in the beginning, but once you are in that routine and you do not have to persuade yourself to do it every day, you will be so glad you did. Schedule it like a meeting, not canceling unless there is an emergency. Find somewhere convenient for you, with both timing and location, then you are less likely to have an excuse to skip it. And work out with a buddy and hold each other accountable to show up.

Can you share some tips around ‘beginning small, and staying motivated’?

Try to be realistic – if you are new to exercise then create a plan you are likely to stick to. Multiple days back-to-back might be too much, so start with a gradual schedule. Try not to compare yourself to others because everyone has their own journey.  Pick a type of exercise that you enjoy, and if you’re not sure what that is then try different things.  You are so much more likely to stick to it if you find it fun.

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